What if ‘m going to run a local web site

this time on QQ, suddenly saw a pop, is about a DZ website how to operate the official organization of the QQ group, although I do not DZ forum for many years, but still in the webmaster circles, so join the circle is a very casual thing, and also want to learn from, see how are the masters. In the group where the most discussed is the local gateway, this should also be DZ this program occupy the market most of a piece, think that year, I entered the Internet, but also with the DZ program to do local portal.

from some of my personal experience, there are two local portal entry points, the first point is: migrant workers friends gathered south north, such as XXX will Xiang you such a model, the profit block of this kind of mode, may not, for example, members of the party, the new year back home or carpool bus. Plus, it’s a regular ad for the forum. The first entry point, suitable for those people in the outside, but want to make a place portal platform webmaster, I have also encountered this, but also do very well.

second entry point, that is, people in the local, but also as a local model, what I want to say in this article, is how to operate such websites, how to fast up?. Home this time, I stayed at home for three months, as a long vacation to yourself, we should be in the center of the county population of about 100 thousand people, and the entire county should be about 1 million 200 thousand people. As a result of the deepening of reform and opening up, the current consumption of such county has been significantly improved, such as the common Guilin rice noodle is 5 yuan a bowl, and prices have risen to 3000 yuan / square. If we use this condition as a local gateway, I’m going to do that.

1, buy a program, or use existing programs (mainly for information, questions, forums). This information is better understood because a local portal will certainly involve information content. Q & A is mainly for quick content. The forum is mainly to attract users to stay in the forum interaction and communication, and once the sticky, you can solve the problem of content construction.

2, set up a team. Generally speaking, two people are enough. A principal person in charge. Everything should be done, what will be done, such as art, planning, procedures, editing, etc., the strengths must be on the website. A salesman, salesman also acts as an extension staff, mainly to complete the site’s preliminary data construction. In addition to this person in the business.

3, in the website to complete the accumulation of the previous, about 2 months or so, after two people’s hard work, the basic data and content of the website, should have a better embodiment. At this time, the official operation began to promote.

4, we first have to analyze, the local gateway who earned money?

4.1 ordinary businesses such as what money, selling clothes, selling glue, these old vice is I >


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