8 ways to make your website friendlier to mobile devices

now, mobile browsing continues to spread, and optimizing your web site to better accommodate mobile platforms and its limitations will be your top priority. There are many simple ways to improve your mobile browsing site, and at the same time, there are many changes to your website. This article explores 8 of the most popular and can have a huge impact on usability.

fluid width layout


allows your site liquid width layout to be an important step towards making your site friendly to your mobile device. Not only does it abandon the excess dead space around your site, it can also be viewed on many different platforms and resolutions. So what do you mean by fluid width,


fluid width, as the name suggests, is that your web site can zoom in and out according to the size of your browser. The ease of implementation depends on your current settings and layout. If you have a simple layout that is easy to use, it’s the only thing you need to do to modify the width property in the variable CSS stylesheet to achieve its effect in percentage.

no messy ads,

messy advertising is a major problem on the mobile platform, and even if the original layout of the page has not been destroyed, the end user may see more ads than the content. There is a simple patch to hide this mess without having to create a specific version of the mobile site. You can also create CSS style sheets for handheld devices that are called by determining the resolution size of the terminal.

Whether you use a

, you should always remember that most handheld mobile devices have practical limitations, which means that the screen size can accommodate a few things, that part of the very few things that users access to your web site to see.

The contents of the

collection are


focus your content because this is the key for mobile device users to see immediately. Many web sites for mobile devices often stuck in a lot of unnecessary clutter, such as images or advertising, but because the site administrator must understand, to show visitors are most concerned about the content is the key.

if the user is visiting your website from the mobile phone is not connected to the wired network, the bandwidth is limited, which means that the user will choose he or she wants to visit the site, rather than their access to those on the desktop website.

this means that you need to make sure that your site uses a small amount of bandwidth in your mobile browsing, which means that the image should be limited and that the content of the text should be the focus. What if your website is content based on images,


if your site is primarily based on images, your first priority is to build an independent mobile site, optimized for mobile platforms – by reducing figure >


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