Discussion on the operation and promotion of movie websites

what website stationmaster industry in the short term to get a lot of traffic and fast profit? I think in addition to any other movie website, I entered the station for five years, found that earnings mostly depend on movie website, I of this kind of website operation could have some experience to share, master bypass.

1. Domain name selection

try to choose some simple and easy to remember and entertainment nature of the domain name, such as Larry, 3 miscellaneous or 3 letters, of course, this is the best choice, but like the domain name has been registered, also need to buy a lot of money, if not holding these types of domain name, the more complex but recommended a good domain name, such as the movie website in the 1000ys.comtom365.comqq500.com area, there are a lot of such a domain name not registered. The third kind of domain name is the latest CC domain name, such as one of my movie sites using domain name: www.idy.cc. This kind of domain name also has many good meters not registered, everybody may as well try.

two. Program selection

is now on the market more popular movie program maxcmsadncmssoyici and so on, the most extensive coverage of the most convenient to use must be maxcms, I do the general movie website is to use it as a template, and back office functions are very convenient, but the carrying capacity is weak, if php+mysql is good, but also enough to use its asp+mssql development early in you, as for the latter, you don’t say you have to this position is not money quadratic development of


three. Content added

I found a lot of people shouted Baidu specifically banned maxcms site, in fact, K a lot of procedures, although maxcms is K more, but its users are also very large. Most people are on the maxcms background of the resource platform through the acquisition, so don’t K you K? Recommended after manually modify the background collection, such as the title changed to "Transformers 2 (qvod version)", this movie synopsis add some news and stills, believe that Baidu will think your original content.

four. Template select

many people are the cause of K and a template, a high degree of duplication, if familiar with HTML procedure and label their own proposal or semi bionic half to do a set of templates, if not, then please do a right now than the price of cabbage cabbage also template. In addition, the template to choose some simple, open speed template, and like the official forum of maxcms who like thunder like as far as possible not to use, because the template opens slowly, classification confusion on the user experience and search engines are not good.

five. Site included

when you complete the above four steps, a movie site has been completed, but only yourself


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