11 11 the most simple money Raiders how to do a cow novice Taobao customers

went to 11.11 once a year, most people spend the day earn less, but there are a lot of smart buddies through double eleven earned pours, this let those crying maishen buy iphone6 students too much to handle

!Just log in to Taobao

many customers (u.alimama.com) background of the novice Taobao customers can operate, but only 2 minutes, as long as three simple steps, you can become a master may not make Wangzhuan, kidney 6, but earn a "annual package mail postage must not difficult.

first step: first of all, to register as a Taobao

if you’re using it for the first time, it takes 2 minutes to set down the basic information:

1, open the Taobao alliance home page, u.alimama.com, select Taobao members landing


2. enter Taobao account password, login successful, choose to enter my league


3. is used for the first time, need to complete the account information and binding Alipay boldly to fill it, binding, in order to get the money. Follow the steps.


4, after the completion of the binding, you can enter the background, you need to register under the promotion channels, select the left side of the page promotion management, click media management, select shopping guide management – new shopping guide promotion.


5, new shopping guide promotion – select chat tools – media type selection, QQ, according to the completion of the steps.


second step: learn to inquire about commodity promotion commission and obtain promotion code

1, or login to the Taobao alliance backstage, select alliance products – single product store promotion – enter Taobao commodity link address or keyword search

in the search box


2, for example, you want to buy a Korean clothing house coat, find this coat later, put the goods link to a single product promotion here, search. You can see a 30% commission.


3, and then click on the promotion immediately, select the set of promotional channels just now, shopping guide to promote -QQ, click ok.


4, then the background will give you a long string of links, click on access to code, this is the promotion you can get a commission address!




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