My thoughts on media blog 3rd Anniversary

, my self media blog was founded in 2013.10.13 to 2016.10.13 today for 3rd Anniversary Full time. 3 years, in the process, I have encountered a lot of problems, but also want to give up many times. But in the end, it’s still hard to keep on. It’s really not easy.

I in 2010 October about making money online contact, that time I only do Wangzhuan, because I thought that money is the most important, what website, no SEO fun. So, when I make money, I do what I do.

later, I did self-study website, local forums, download sites, pictures website, enterprise website, recruitment website, website making jokes, website, etc. However, Wangzhuan forum, do a few days off, up to a two months, was finally closed down.

I studied SEO with a teacher for half a month at the beginning of 2013. In order to practice SEO technology, I set up a personal blog. Yes, I built blogs at that time to practice SEO. By October, my blog was Baidu K, and it was popular with the media, and my blog was officially changed from the media blog.

at that time, many people were influenced by Lu’s blog. They all started from the media blog and had nothing to do with blogging. They all hoped that one day their blogs would be famous and they could earn money by blogging. But a year has passed, and only a few have succeeded, most of them gone.

was founded from the media blog, I mainly want to practice typing, like writing, summing up experience, I think you can rely on my interest to go on. Which knows, every day insist minimum write an original article, write for a year, even did not rely on blog to make money.

reality is cruel, rely on interest can not be eaten, I was confused, and do not know how to do it, if closed, a little reluctant, after all, wrote a year of blog. Stick to it and you can’t make money. After three months a year, I set up paid members to make a little money.

from the media blog, there are many, but most of them are unable to earn money, because there is no reputation, yes, not that you write, will be famous. I had tried many times the establishment of membership fee, but because there is no fame, then 10 yuan not many people, afraid to lose.

I in order to paying members of some value, put yourself in the last few years learning website, SEO, network promotion knowledge made video tutorial for everyone to learn, because there is value, slowly add more people, more than a year with more than 400 people, but then few people joined.

I once told you that no matter what you do, don’t imitate others. You must be the only one. Only constant innovation can do that. So, when I set up a paying member, I gave the value, and I could say nobody else, I >


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