The rise of small owners by the first network infringement case

in recent days have been concerned about the progress of the maternal industry occurred the first network infringement case, Pacific family network as a "big site" to Aibao Mommy nets this "small website" attack! First we see strength contrast of both sides. A few days ago I told Aibao Mommy nets webmaster chat, he is the personal webmaster, at home in the website, by virtue of their business intentions and how many sleepless nights for the website today. I don’t need to do any more about the Pacific Ocean. There are computer networks, women’s networks, automobile networks, game networks and shopping networks. It’s a big company that has formed a cluster of stations. Comparison between the two away.

why Pacific family network will drop from the identity "to a personal website attack? We also learned what? I would simply say some of my thoughts


one, small Adsense follow up tactics,

in the current Internet, small and medium-sized webmaster want to develop already very difficult. Industry giants have emerged. So how should the small owners "Zoupian Jian Feng"? The smartest way is "follow up" tactics. China overseas Chinese press published 05 years follow up, "Mr. wu. Follow up has formed a tactical system. The book fully explains the following four aspects: follow up personality, follow up the communication, follow up the sales and follow up the management. This gave us many enlightenment of small owners, as a small webmaster in planning ability, establish strategic ability with the big group must have some gap, this time on the need to follow up, follow up and certainly not completely imitate, flexible advantage to play a small website in later learned to follow up, more improvement, win in change. This point Aibao Mommy nets webmaster do very well.

two, regional strategy of small and medium station

in the current Internet, is no longer the site of several major aloof era, the small and medium-sized websites like emerge in an endless stream of the stars in the sky, eager to shine like the sun and moon. Especially the regional nature of strong social networking sites and communities, the different areas of small sites but have a great advantage, regional website allows users to feel a real sense of belonging to the network and intimacy, this has become a magic weapon to win regional website. It is very important for small and medium-sized owners to strengthen regional advantages and emphasize the sense of belonging among members. Is a new small website development. I observed a few days after the high membership loyalty Aibao Mommy nets, forum members like a big family, each talk, greet each other, care for each other, it becomes a competitive advantage Aibao Mommy nets.

three, the advantage of

in small and medium intensive and meticulous farming

small owners look at their website as their own children, but not enough strength weakness caused by expansion surface is relatively small, the energy is relatively concentrated, for this is why we see intensive and meticulous farming, many small sites in the same keywords can front row in many large web sites, because they are doing fine, can a >


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