What kind of entrepreneur might get an investment

, this is my speech at the angel investment forum of Chongqing computer news this year. I’ll talk to you again.

, first of all, is the basic condition of Entrepreneurship (if the following are not met, see the difficulty of VC’s success)

, passion for entrepreneurs,

– must be interested and interested in what you do,

– fully understand what you do and industry status,

two, clear product positioning,

– product innovation,

– user groups are large enough,

– market size, sustainable development,

three, to form a cooperative team, a person is not able to make a company.

four, with basic financial and team management knowledge,

Notes on


one, show product highlights, starting with product specificity, it is best difficult to duplicate and lead.

two, current product status,

– has it formed a certain user scale,


– do you have the same model or successful case at home and abroad

three, an introduction to entrepreneurs and teams,

it’s important to be honest, passionate and confident.

– there are previous success stories, no, you can also talk about the difficulties encountered in life and solve the problem

four, planning and developing the company’s future

– forecasts for the market outlook.

– face the competition and challenge, and be able to clearly explain your opponent’s full preparation.

five, financing scale and pricing problem

– seriously tell me how much money you actually need. How much do you think the company is worth?.

– suggest that company values can be made by VC if they are not clear.

– start financing price is very high, the final success probability, but at least


six, financing to determine how effective implementation of management

seven continues to sum up the issues and solutions mentioned in VC meeting.

– before you meet, try to learn more about VC, especially the VC partner,

– grasp the time of each meeting with VC, usually only more than 2 hours each time, try not to talk about irrelevant topics for the first time.

– if financing fails, you should reflect on your problems, failure is the mother of success, and have the courage to try again.

-VC’s advice and advice are also the best opportunities for learning.


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