Domestic virtual host business should attack PHP space

abroad is always PHP space, but the domestic ASP space has long been dominant, 2 years this situation seems to find changes, more and more people use PHP space station, but the domestic host does not seem to follow the situation, or love what the Almighty ah like space.

is a typical phenomenon that ASP has no future, we look at the previous boss network now can not move, the original wind now forum was closed, to fool the government authorities, and now the forum program with PHPWIND DZ CMS supesit Dede system is very influential, flamboyant.

as many domestic business or engage in all kinds of host love space, leading to the support of the PHP system is not very comprehensive, such as pseudo static ah, what some of the other small features, so I represent the majority of the domestic host to send out call, please you wholeheartedly engage in good use of PHP space. Now, the speed of domestic visits to overseas space has been very fast, you do not work hard, coupled with a variety of other reasons, be careful to buy all the space of the United states. recruitment links,



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