Discussion on operation methods of female website cosmetics bank

According to iResearch

data show that the domestic cosmetics online shopping market is one of the most popular commodity at present, female users for cosmetics and consumer demand is very strong desire, 08 years more than 40% of the users to buy cosmetics, and this data for female users group to say, a higher proportion of. PClady as the first female professional vertical class website, has a huge user groups of women, female users in order to meet the increasing demand for cosmetics information, we have to establish and operate a professional cosmetics library work.

below to PClady cosmetics library, for example, combined with operational experience, and we all discuss the cosmetics library operation process of product operation methods and 28 type operation method.

one, product operation method

Product design is the key to successful operation of

good design, good product will greatly reduce the workload of operators, so it is necessary to fully consider the late operation when doing the product design, and fully prepared. This time we are doing cosmetics library design, from the point of view of the operation of the design:

1, closely combined with the trial platform, in-depth use of trial resources

Pclady with their own brand and a huge user groups of women, every month can get a large number of rich category samples, these samples for most women users is very attractive, usually these users are created and spread community population of active groups and product export monument. We are in the design of cosmetics library, the user of cosmetics trial application, feedback, integral, community behavior statistics, fully integrated, in order to achieve the integration of Library and cosmetics trial platform, users and businesses, site three win-win.

2, well-designed product details, the operation of the product

in the operation of cosmetics library, there will be a lot of trivial work, such as bad information review, new product added, product recommendation, user registration guidance, and so on. Most of the niggling jobs can be automatically implemented by products, thereby reducing the workload of operators, and usually through products to achieve the effect of effect will achieve better than artificial.

3, in-depth integration of information and interactive platform to achieve full utilization of resources

Pclady has powerful information, forums, ask, share platform, the platform has a huge user base and good interactive popularity. Deep cosmetics library combines information, forums, blog, ask quickly involved in the brand and product information, provide the corresponding product information and comments for these users, and the platform for cosmetics library to bring more users, so as to realize the resource complementarity and common development.

4, the expansion and depth of operations, cosmetics shopping guide consumer interaction integration

, whether it’s a letter to make a cosmetics database


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