Tourism web site can not only look at traffic

online has a popular saying that ten thousand useless IP a day can’t compare to one hundred useful IP a day, that’s

is right, commercial websites, especially travel networks, like shopping in real life shops,

no matter how many items, good, can not keep people, come in are only looking at people, are listed as useless people".

works in a tourist company for 7 days a month. In these days, the mode of work is how to bring in

households into customers, this is a SEO plan to do the work, if you move the site traffic to 1

million IP every day, but there are no two customers, I believe you are very helpless!? how can you let in the flow of


is useful to the company? Travel network do not go to webmaster BBS promotion, but if only for the chain, can forgive,

, in order to traffic, or do not waste time, not just tourism network, and other commercial sites are

same, the company asks you to come not to let you bring useless flow, you bring 10 effective IP a day, it is

employees who are effective to the company.

how to convert incoming users into customers? I have a few suggestions here: website is easy to use, website professional

, website experience,

according to our website to analyze:

website is convenient: many travel, many have online customer service, our company is no exception, every time we open the company

‘s website is out of customer service, the only turn off immediately, and then click to the article page, customer service jumped out again, and I had to

turns it off, and then to the content page… It’s good to have online customer service, but online customer service can easily offend users

gas, angrily, will immediately shut down the site, will never turn back, if you can put customer service into the user, ready to consult

query page, so conversion rate will be greatly improved;

website professional: tourism network is a lot of very practical, but all examples are only practical, unsightly, regardless of large companies, but also

is a small company’s travel website, are practical and unsightly, break through this, the performance of tourism network will definitely be greatly

improve, my company also exists such a poor zone, I’m not a programmer, can not make the program beautiful, only

designs HTML pages;

website experience: color matching, articles, pages, content pages, to achieve beauty, comfortable and comfortable;

in fact, the travel network operation is very simple, really simple, no business model, as long as the innovation, the purchase of


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