Xiamen old fish fish community VS Xiamen new fish fish community local forum learning case

small fish event is a national forum for the "revolutionary baptism", "


within a day, whether it is a member of the fish pond registration degree, the intensity of speculation, you can see out of this local community riots, the incubation period is relatively long event.

No.1 network reports, news circulation, the fastest is the network!


will be a number of landmark articles, daily news you concern webmaster webmaster should also read the three articles, maybe many webmaster know this forum, Xiamen fish communities have most do not know Xiamen fish owners have in-depth understanding of the fish community in Xiamen


No.2 review history of fish community development in Xiamen

<: Xiamen fish community > formerly known as < Xiamen fish forum > the earliest was established in May 2002; the small fish forum was originally intended to put some website information on it to facilitate your online use. Later, through the exchange of links with other sites, the forum to gradually increase the number of friends, but also increased the other information section. The content of the forum is gradually enriched. Then at the end of 2002 due to space (when using the foreign free space) fault, had to be suspended for a period of time, in early 2003, a Xiamen friend’s support, to provide free use of space, (the original old fish Forum) decided to use another more powerful DISCUZ forum program start, forum name it was renamed < >, Xiamen; fish community; hope to create a good communication atmosphere in the community life and other aspects of information.

so, the community was formally established in February 2003, the community center by the network information exchange in the past to life information exchange and entertainment supplement, and encourage the community friends help each other, and to provide useful information (value). The community has received strong support from many friends and has attracted many talented people from all walks of life, such as law, medicine, teachers, machinery, trade and other professionals. They provide you with a lot of useful information resources, and enthusiastically answer some of the problems raised by friends, in the community to form a good atmosphere for communication.

many webmaster will ask why, good to Xiamen fish community development history summary to us ah, this and Xiamen small fish community event outbreak what is the real connection?


OK. Here I explain a little:

1, let know and do not know the Xiamen fish community members of a deep understanding, so as to understand the outbreak of the incident "incident station" source, this is the opening,


2, for watching over "Xiamen fish community" L "incident", "Xiamen fish community" bamboo door "event analysis" and "fool’s day " 6.1 " Xiamen fish moderator team collective resignation of the three.


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