Xing Feng personal stationmaster goes out will be better tomorrow

always wanted to write something very seriously, who also wrote the same title of the article, the thought is not mature, the "personal webmaster go, tomorrow will be better" written is not comprehensive enough, it is not mature, the article has given itself removed, now a year later, I still the firm had the belief that individual full-time webmaster go out, tomorrow will be better. Although I am not a full-time webmaster, but I was a little personal webmaster, feeling for many personal webmaster, is deeply felt, always wanted for our personal webmaster to write about personal webmaster articles, writing about personal webmaster survival articles, with the Internet environment worsening, our personal webmaster survival more and more difficult, personal webmaster should be how to walk the road tomorrow? How can the sustained development? These problems, I have been thinking about constantly.

has been, I dare not tell others that I am a personal webmaster, in the past two years, personal Adsense career, I not only did not make money, but also to compensate for the health, the physique is getting worse and worse. Since 07 years after graduation, facing the pressure of finding a job, find a job after N times to no avail, I would not hesitate to choose a full-time personal webmaster this occupation at home, have their own website, the research of search engine optimization from then began to research on the website, began to study how to through the Internet to make money, start in order to take leave of living.

looking back over the past three years of experience, I sigh: personal webmaster is not easy! Especially in December last year, the ministry began to rectify the Internet environment, personal webmaster living environment is bad, the domain name must record, previous record at any time may give no reason to cancel, once the cancellation means that the website will give off. None of this is fatal, and the worst part is that the competition is becoming more and more brutal. Now the Internet is no longer the era of personal heroism, before the first half of the 08 years, as long as you put the website content, not how to do promotion, sprinkling incense is not afraid of deep alley, if your content is good enough, appropriate to do some optimization Website website, can bring good traffic in the search engines. But now is not the same, Google China withdrawal, the importance of SEO optimization to realize the traditional enterprise more and more, SEO optimization is becoming more and more popular, more and more intelligent search engine, will inevitably lead to more and more brutal competition, if you want to get high traffic have to double pay, this is a very difficult to do. A simple example, 08 hours ago, two hours to get traffic, and now there is no five hours is very difficult to do. Today’s SEO optimization, spelling is no longer technology, spelling is a resource.

webmaster is a no sense of security occupation, do standing more and more chilling, to flow more and more difficult, earn less and less. The fear of policies, fear of hackers, fear Baidu left, right before the fear, afraid of the villain, and vulnerabilities, the most terrible is that the income is not high and unstable, feed himself is not a problem, but it is difficult to become a career, personal webmaster do not have social security, health, life no >


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