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"the heart of darkness, Bao Jianfeng, Jiangnan, Italy, possession of the sword of darkness left, 5 ants" is the start-up team veteran who was , they were dormant in Shenyang, Beijing, Guangzhou 5 city, the spare time management forum. Net is a peerless master state office is its romantic and legendary and among authors, customers, cooperative staff Nai Zhi their communication is conducted online, fully electronic office.

bookworm LOHAS Chi

‘s 5 – member generals are now all based in Shanghai, and Wu Wenhui, the CEO, is happy, close to his home town of Zhejiang. But in order to start the Chinese network, he left the eight years of life and favorite city of Beijing. The reporter asked, where the company is located in Zhangjiang hi tech building is not like chips, will remind him of the university computer professional, he first said: "I have always felt like the radiator in Beijing children."

take a real example of that! Because at the end of some busy, busy to celebrate the end of such work, so the booking time is very limited, a few days earlier starts to pull out the phone, what method is not exhausted. Even more surprising is the night out, maybe I was the kind of patience is not strong enough, pulling out a dozen times to give up! When commissioned to help students set the focus here, my classmates is a nerd of course, not silly, that is, to do a thing to do nothing to reach the goal is not to come out, like a special horn kind, he engaged in the program, towards the end of the year may be less, he said he got up on the phone all the time, always by hand pain, in the morning, on the road, kept by mobile phone in the car, not stop playing, to sit with machine is kept by beating, and sitting machine, also called Internet telephony, with his words, "when running feet out" tickets are for those who are prepared, I also have to take.

"I can’t write well. Literary creation is based on passion, but I write things like a series of programs, because they can’t be argued at all levels."." Wu Wenhui gave away his character. The Peking University Department of computer science graduate classes for the students, said not only myself, all engineering students are characterized by hand to task decomposition, then the idea of logic, find the central idea, and so on.

is just a small story of a very boring booking, but careful people have obtained a reason to stick to one thing, when we do it with strong faith and strong execution to perform, Wangzhuan is such a reason, and not everyone can Wangzhuan success, but not pay the Wangzhuan is certainly fail, how to pay? I understand said a word "the core of the network business, should be talent, as network technology and so on, I think is a secondary" talent is how to do, which is to cultivate it, only super execution can cultivate their talent, can truly achieve Wangzhuan, day to earn 1000 or more than 1W.

text: from the Lunar New Year and less than half a month’s time, pick up treasure net station South boy sitting in front of my computer suddenly fierce, press a button, because as long as the spirit of this key, he can and most South together sit out the window slowly over the train, although Shenzhen it wasn’t so cold in the north and south, but work alone in a large city like Shenzhen but he felt particularly cold, back home is really so difficult? Don’t get a ticket through the cattle hands really so difficult? Is he not carefully to treat buying it

but as a starting point, he did not think too much at all. He was responsible for being a dedicated programmer – using the name of the industry – a good code farmer.

initial business, perform their duties, Wu Wenhui specializes in technology. At that time, six of the team’s three people have written books, respectively, business cooperation, marketing, content planning, and Wu is responsible for programming, website, technical maintenance – pure code agriculture

2002 he graduated not long, spend three or four hours a day on the bubble in the books, feel happy like a real bookworm, then stroll forum BBS, more and more like-minded friends. One day, everyone together, we get a website! In the same year, is responsible for the technical, business, and marketing partners, six startups have formed, they have been together for ten years, to only one person for family reasons and exit.

sequence: when you see this title, you might think they can through this event what can be learned fast Wangzhuan method, if it is this mentality, so would you please stop, there are too many online too many methods and techniques about Wangzhuan the day to earn 100, for example, is so simple, is no longer a day to earn 1000 yuan a legend, day to earn a million more recent. Look at these, I felt upset, for you said it is no longer what the secret is, no longer able to make money, when everyone has a group of software, so the software has lost mass function.

the friend who was in front of me when I got the ticket yesterday

"one day, you can own a book?" "Global Entrepreneur" the reporter asked Wu Wenhui, the starting point Chinese network CEO. He grew up in the "semi traction The Legendary Swordsman" under the embarked on literature lovers of no return, the University finished on the market almost all martial arts novels, even the romance is a kill, and then indulge in science fiction novels and history books.

interview, Wu Wenhui’s assistant said he didn’t talk much on weekdays, and reading and thinking accounted for a larger proportion of his life. The reporter looked into his office, and he was really entranced with a book on the table.

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