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is a bit downhearted, sign it under the , to see if there is no the webmaster contact me on , leaving some back rate or friends for many, is to see my article with me, then hit a few good webmaster friends, meet a cold open and some experiences and feelings, explore each other at the same station this evening a little more.


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the Internet, first look at the Statistics website, see the data was almost even drop down a bit; then, also pay attention to the return rate under the website not ah, a few days before the traffic is from Baidu, to return rate is very difficult, people in a the film "the painted" I watch online and download, as well as a female writer of the Taiwan porn Shauna portrait to find, after it is empty, how could you? So, this is for Baidu to optimize their results, but this optimization can be said, just give me bring some garbage flows, and no practical significance, to improve the reflection after.

at this time, people have been tired, and wanted to write an article, but people are so tired, there is no good ideas and ideas, and even a few weeks of inspiration, then do not know where to go.

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this weekend, want to put their own blog to update, but sit on the computer side, and absent-minded.

spent all his evenings wasting his dirty work, and the real work was neglected. Ha ha, it seems that in the future have to control their own, in the institutions to learn these dilatory style should be corrected. In this paper, the first website, the author dusty, reproduced, please indicate copyright information.

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, your, blog.


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