From the SEO to the electronic commerce way of higherStationmaster profit profit way face to face

3 other advertising alliances

in 2009, due to a company that build a station to take part-time, and in the confused into the higher the industry, until now has 7 months to 8 months, from one month before the only receive one thousand yuan of part-time staff doing odd jobs to now do out of their own e-commerce, this way of pain and joy to earn experience quite. Here I put my Wangzhuan road is divided into three stages. Following this advice is suitable for students, because I am also a college student.


was one of the most profitable network profit model, a few years ago basically everyone entering the world’s top 100 thousand commercial websites and personal websites through SP to obtain economic returns, then the SP by China Mobile and other operators, some lower profit rate.

2: Insenz Comsenz, Comsenz for advertisers, community operators owners a community marketing service launched.

e-commerce advertising alliance for online advertising and traditional media advertising, and WAP advertising alliance for wireless advertising market, etc..

1 Ali mother: Ali mom is a new trading platform, the first reference to "advertising is a commodity" concept.

common online advertising alliance is:

, through the third stages after I find the.

1 search for competitive advertising

, also known as online advertising alliance, refers to the website from the intermediary to obtain advertising profits. This is a small and medium-sized Adsense most commonly used profit model.

3, Yiqifa Yi Chi marketing network, soft advertising.

Second stages of

2 shlf1314 Adsence:shlf1314’s alliance system, is one of the small and medium-sized Adsense generally registered and joined one of the network advertising alliance.

1 sh419 advertising alliance: sh419’s alliance system, relying on sh419’s brand appeal and competitive advertising resources, has developed into one of the largest and influential online advertising alliance in the country.

, independent stage. This stage can be the same as the first stage in parallel, but my own situation is very special, because after the summer vacation, I can’t spend too much time but part-time, so I do it. This stage is to do out of their own station, although learned in the first stage that plays a big role in this stage, but after all, just before their site with a different website optimization. In this stage I felt for a long time, but at this stage, I still in charge before help me, so I also very well lived. At this stage, I stop for two months to 1000 months to reach three IP, 4000 IP. At the 1000 IP, I can put ads, until four 5000IP/D after construction, so that the flow of revenue has allowed me to have a relatively high income as college students. At least you can offset the usual overhead. This is more exciting. Ha-ha。

, three, CRBT, MMS and other value-added services

one, online advertising,

two, advertising agency

refers to the website directly from the manufacturer to obtain advertising, help manufacturers sell products to obtain profit way, this is also the most important and most common online profit model. Some of the major portals or video sites in China generally take this form of profit. Some vertical segments, professional type, regional small and medium-sized sites also have the opportunity to profit by this way, the small owners with professional and regional characteristics of their own, to get the corresponding manufacturers of advertising. Small and medium-sized enterprises or some other websites will also select some small and medium websites directly for advertising.

Fourth stages of

the first stage, this is a period of apprenticeship. At this stage, you won’t get too many benefits, but this stage of your future more Wangzhuan foundation. At this stage you can find a station company or SEO company, in which to work, of course, if you are on the site of knowledge in this area do not understand, I can only go to start inside, for example in the forum, blog to do outside the chain, update the website content this, some work may seem simple, but the effect is on the site can not be ignored. Because I work hard in the company to do so, my supervisor in the construction site, the optimization of the website taught a lot, this technology now is for my continuation.

‘s profit model can be roughly divided into two categories: sales, products, or services; the two can be combined to sell own or others products plus services. If the profit model of the subdivided website, according to the view of the small and medium-sized webmaster, can be divided into the following six kinds, the common profit mode in the reality is usually one of the following profit modes or some combination of profit modes.

4 comparison of commonly used advertising alliances

2 independent third party advertising alliance

the third stage, expansion stage. In this stage, after the second stage, of course you will not meet a station revenue, therefore, you will make a few more stations, at this stage, I am in a month with a station at the speed of construction of my website, at this stage, I am doing is crazy the light, updated every day has tortured me a headache. Until now, there are three stations in my hands, not including before due to the finals to give up some websites sell out. I have three station, my income can be with the general white-collar workers have. This is a relatively rare for college students.



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