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if this crazy after the change, then he will be successful because he will do anything to perform crazy, so do Wangzhuan is crazy. Because of the crazy so carry out, because in place so they can have high income now, even if you know the skills and not to perform it so many clouds, in fact a lot of Wangzhuan not by skill but you do not do, many people do Wangzhuan when will look for skills, but for a long time still can not find a good way to do so is skill, actually, you need to do is to simplify the details, so after the implementation of OK, but is such a simple thing but there are a lot of people could not insist, insist on people who are strong execution person who is a group of "crazy", ""

get out of the wrong

" does not mean serious or serious, nor does it mean serious. Take pig eight change, speaking, after revision, although pretty, but it does not comply with Witkey network has elements. In the same way, if we can only use some templates for temporary use because of the conditional restrictions, then we must ask people to build


features unique

1, every day you first do not worry that things, first set a table, you first install the table top to perform, do things to stay the course, you may begin to do this do not feel good to do half and then have to do that, so you don’t like to do.

do Wangzhuan the time is short, recently a lot of friends asked me, my site 1 months still did not change the rankings? Why am I not good? So, I want to answer is you to perform it? You carefully done? Just contact Wangzhuan couples generally have a psychological is impetuous, they expect income, but not in their hearts, Wangzhuan is a do a website to make money, there is no technical content, if in a few years ago may be so, but the Internet rapid today the development of such things can only appear in the dream, so a strong execution is how to

When do

secondly, the recruitment website should be rid of the big and the whole. To tell you the truth, a lot of people have experienced job hopping, for the simple reason is that you want to get a better life. So, we should own website orientation consciousness, such as my recruitment network is to want to get a monthly income of over a million friends and have a certain ability and experience to the job, I can be a website named million recruitment network, or by other means to clear the site positioning development direction. At the same time, I should choose some high paying companies to cooperate, the earliest well paid work, and then released to the site, not just for the website, but for those who want to pursue a better working population.

approach to improving execution:

have recruitment websites? Because it is not only a waste of time but also a very low success rate for people to go to the company to find their own jobs. Therefore, the recruitment of websites will be like the emergence of bamboo shoots. Now let me discuss the new way out of the recruitment network.


does not mean that features can be attractive, but rather the proportion of this feature on the web. Where does the feature come from? For example, what I have just said is that the website is aimed at the crowd. Then I can make the homepage of the website into three partitions, the old, the student Part-time and the high-end. This category does not have to be divided into very many, so that users have a very clear awareness. I am a student, want to do a part-time job during the holidays, the students; if I am an old man, often choose some cleaners, I’ll have the old district; if I am a master the core technology, so I can choose the high-end area. Just the actual use of the characteristics of the structure, so that the site refreshing. In each partition, we can even do recommend work, can even hire some part-time students to the website customer service, employment guidance, course fees, costs need not be very high, just as is the site of the subsidies are also very good.

site must be serious


recruitment network has been stagnant, and the once promising recruitment websites have gone into decline. However, this does not mean that the recruitment website will disappear, or no development, no future. Some people say that professional social networking sites will ban traditional recruitment, and I don’t think it’s realistic.

is a powerful executive force is not that come to the back of each execution have a hidden thing, and this thing is that we are the most easily overlooked things, we want to find the cause of the failure, summed up after a powerful Wangzhuan master is a failure of countless people, Wangzhuan can only say is a contest, if you meet this standard, then you can success will become increasingly close, Wangzhuan only may be a group of crazy world, not only do not say is a group of the world.

, 2 segments, each segment of simple process, from the beginning of the practice, do not underestimate the simplicity of this process, it may save you a half, so doing things must need to find a way, you can’t keep in accordance with your first way to execute you to be innovative, when you do things have not yet felt tired, so if you feel you have to wonder why I feel tired, I need to improve on what questions, if you can have your things will be very terrible this attitude.

a lot of people attributed the failure of the recruitment website to the website promotion is not good enough, and I think the website promotion is not good enough, is not the main reason. In simple terms, even if I put an ad banner on the street, it’s very attractive to many people who want to fight hard. Therefore, the promotion problem is not the problem of recruitment websites.

Why does


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