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simulation does not necessarily hinder innovation,

"if someone asks me if I should start a business, my answer has always been ‘no’.’" Wang Xing said, after getting this answer, if there is really strong entrepreneurial aspirations of the people, will not take into account the answer, will still choose entrepreneurship. And those who stop clamoring, in fact their entrepreneurial impulse may not be so strong.

as the largest and highest Valuation Company in the Hadoop three carriage abroad, Cloudera has attracted the attention of all parties. In 2014, Intel paid $740 million to acquire about 18% of Cloudera’s shares, making Cloudera valued at $4 billion 100 million, becoming the big second valuation company, second only to Palantir, and no two in the limelight.

comprehensive judgment, the current market value of Cloudera in a reasonable valuation range, this price also indicates that the current capital market for large data companies enthusiasm plummeted, investment tends to be rational.

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?" Wang Xing said. "There’s no next goal yet. Instead, we should concentrate our efforts on continuing the group.". "We spent three years to achieve more than 100 billion market, but the service life of the local electronic commerce will have trillions of market, we still have a large space can develop."

‘s high-profile big data company, Cloudera, is finally on the market, but its market performance is spectacular.

because many Chinese Internet products have the imprint of similar products in the United States, some commentators believe that this will hinder the original innovation. In this regard, Wang Xing does not agree. Innovation is the solution to the problem, "he said." with problems, we need new solutions, and then there will be innovations."

"many problems exist only in China, and there will be innovations in Chinese enterprises at this time."." For example, Wang Xing, for example, 360 security guards, Sogou input method, starting point of the Chinese network, have made foreigners do not have innovation. "Another example, Tencent, internal reform is very impressive, although some products are not original, but there is a combination of innovation."

Wang Xing said, first of all, the Internet is confident, "this is a revolution, almost any field will be changed by the Internet, this is a big background."." He said, because in the United States to study, can close to understand a lot of American Internet products, "Americans have this demand, a lot of Chinese people will have."." Therefore, on the one hand, inspired by the United States, on the one hand, contact the actual needs of Chinese users, Wang Xing has become the founder of three different fields.

success comes from understanding user requirements


Abstract: Cloudera has obvious advantages in technology and products, but its operation ability restricts the development of the company. Future gross profit margin is expected to rise to 80%, sales costs will directly affect the future profitability.

college students "should not" start




on the one hand, distributed architecture reduces the processing cost of TB, PB level data, enterprises no longer need to meet the demand for the purchase of high performance machine; on the other hand, the distributed architecture is more scalable, enterprise customers can according to their own needs to improve data processing and increasing machine, without the purchase of a large number of servers in the first.

Cloudera Manager is the core product to help customers build large data platform

love analysts believe that from a qualitative level of judgment, Cloudera coverage of the market size in 2020 will be more than 60 billion U. s.dollars, as an open source community leader, Cloudera technology and product advantages obvious. From a quantitative level of judgment, Cloudera gross margin is expected to rise to more than 80% in the future, sales costs accounted for 40-50% is expected to fall, profit margins at 5-10%.

more and more college students choose to start their own business, and some even give up their studies. Wang, who has given up his studies in the United States and returned to his hometown to start his own business, what does he think about that?

Wang Xing created the renren, Fanfou and beauty group three different areas of Internet products are highly welcomed by users, he is the demand of Internet users how to find

with the increasing amount of data, the traditional database has become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of enterprise customers to store and process data, and Hadoop distributed fabric architecture has become the choice of many enterprises.

last Friday, Cloudera Nasdaq market, IPO price of only 1 billion 900 million U.S. dollars, less than half of three years ago. Although the share price rose by 20% immediately after the opening, it was hard to reach $4 billion 100 million in the short term.

"Is there any new venture after

however, as an open source technology, is not a native Hadoop to meet the requirements of enterprise products, the system stability, compatibility, security and ease of use are unable to reach the enterprise customer standards. And enterprise customers themselves IT ability is relatively weak, based on open source technology to develop products in line with their own needs is very difficult.



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