Out of the public number from the media entrepreneurs unconsciously surge out of the new direction

Internet experience a lot of change, since the media has become a self media, from a "need to know" who is the importance of laying hens.

many years ago, we value quality, the value of valuable content, but seldom care about this on the network output of the "high quality" "hen" who is like the original, we only love free video resources, and seeds…… It never occurred to me that one day I would enter an era of copyright in any field.


"personal brand" has woken up when the "copyright" is enough to feed a person, a team…… Copyright awareness has become an important channel for commercial realization.


, even from the media who have a good "personal brand" and "copyright" Tinghuo, but also looking for an outlet, their body surging "liquidation" anxiety seems to form a new direction: out of the public.

92 years with Hu Xinshu, "a person’s heart of girl selling hall" accumulating 320 thousand people, in an advertisement fee of up to 10 thousand yuan, Hu Xinshu has the ability to feed a small team, a enough to let yourself in any city can have a rich life, but in the morning shopping, afternoon before the day gets anxious.

a question printed in the mind, how to turn the public number into IP?

80 Li Miao, using "understand Japanese Chinese" nature, relying on the public, "Li Miao" has achieved 100 thousand yuan of water, from the Japanese craft to understand, to docking with the Chinese between Li Miao, then in the process of acting has accumulated a number of users are spending power.

he said to the public number of WeChat is not know how high the ceiling, if it is high, of course, we would like to expand……"

a Lanna evening, out of the horizon, the blog era, ushered in the outbreak of the personal brand is well-known people from the media. Signed with the headlines, to become a tiger sniffing star author, to participate in the media program from NetEase…… In the Lanna evening do is change to the public number "Lanna evening" IP ".

times so anxious, is the value of good content itself, users who are willing to pay good content will also become a self media venture out "mainthrust public number".

From the media entrepreneur

has succeeded where their existing income from? The traditional advertising model, a combination of written text by typing, advertising and commercial form of realization, but when the media entrepreneurs have been successful in the first step of "traditional ad", began to explore new all kinds of ideas.

data show that net profit using red advertising accounted for only 25%, more red net who rely on is the Taobao store, Signing company and further develop the market, or publishing their works, founded the company’s own brand and……

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