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I’ve been with start-up companies for quite some time, and I’ve found that recruiting is really quite different in big companies and start-up companies. In YAHOO search, we have been continuous recruitment. I have interviews about 5-8 times a week. Resumes, interviews, offer, always one after another, uninterrupted. Now that I’m out of the job as a hiring manager, I’m in charge of a small number of product managers in start-up companies.

I used to be an engineer and later became a technology manager. Bubble on the Internet, I may recruit one hundred engineers. By trial and error, I learned a lot about recruiting. When I began to shift to the hiring manager, I could use some of my experience as an engineer, but I also learned a whole new set of skills during this period. Last week, a friend of mine called to ask me how I would like to hire a product manager. I don’t see a very good set of current skills on how to recruit product managers. that is, there is no information about the product manager.. More precisely, what expectations you should have about him when you recruit product managers, whether you’re in a big company or an entrepreneurial environment, there’s not much information about it. So >

but there are always people hiring product managers, and I’m always a part of the interview team. The first thing you’ll pay attention to when you’re in a big company is the number of jobs. But in terms of startups, everyone have to do things a bit, so you need a strong man. What’s more, the future is always unpredictable, so you need someone with a lot of adaptability. You may want to hire someone because you have to do something right now, but what you are going to do in a few months may change. That’s not the case with big companies. When you are recruiting, you must have a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the position you are looking for, and the likelihood of a change in the role of this position is small. Many people in YAHOO may not be very suitable for start-up companies. I remember there was a discussion after the interview: "well….. I’m not sure if they’re the perfect person, but they seem to be particularly suited for this position, so hire them." This may work in a big company, but if startups do, it’s a dead end.

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shlf1314 group product manager Ken Norton, he turned from product technology, have a wealth of experience in product manager of startups and large companies, this article shares he believes that the product manager should have the most important qualities, and provide some investigation in the interview candidates of different abilities the problem.



    Chinese people like to follow the trend, the original things are often not many; when a successful model appears, followers are springing up like mushrooms. Of course, there are many cases that have succeeded in imitating foreign models, mainly because the technology of the United States and other countries should be in the lead for several years at home. Some people that some "sea turtles" persons and those after access to foreign information faster, they can take the initiative to a certain extent, our poor domestic these "Tortoise", only to find their own way, or in those with "the prophet" before we know, ha ha are back to suit and this can not represent the whole Internet industry collective confusion.

    but I think a lot of things abroad may not be suitable for China, the situation is not the same, last year’s fiery WEB2.0, so far has not found his profit model. I have always believed that the United States can model may not be suitable for China, American Internet China start early, most Internet users Chinese is not proficient in computer, the United States is not the same with us, their economic conditions better than us, which gave birth to the great market demand, need on sites such as WEB2.0 based on the personalized needs of the strong market conditions, the profit pattern also followed. Chinese economic development progress is encouraging, but not to the well-off, those who make money in the money all day busy, leisure time does not seem much, the estimated time with my wife is also very limited, there is little global network to estimate, we like these poor people are busy making money. Access time is limited, the rest of the Internet should be up to the students who want to surf the Internet and send empty time young men and women… Oh…, the topic seems to more and more far.
      we first back to the subject, the tourism industry, since Ctrip successful listing, we seem to have all looked at the dawn, followed by a lot of people up. At present, the form is, North East South Ctrip, eLong, mango and travel travel the world, West sunshine sunshine travel, is basically divided into four kingdoms. In addition to Ctrip stock market continued to rise, the loss is still two years of on-line elong, mango has a fire box, travel and even though the sun exposure rate is not high, but people with rice, nor what losses. Here, the Sa to be fooled by elong, Ctrip on the Internet in recent years, the people behind the road, along the Ctrip, now suddenly wake up. Recently Ctrip co-founder Ji Qi gave away the secret, Ctrip has been speculation before his foreign Internet Success Model, but she never psychological himself as an Internet company, it is just a card company we have been fooled for many years, the year listed Ctrip is strictly an issuing company rather than the Internet enterprise, ha ha, suddenly everyone has become a "hat"! At the time I was <

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