The profitable way of local information websitesThe importance of start ups to adjust strategies in

to earn the money, the premise is your site flow, the visibility of the region is very high, with this environment in a "flea market" free information column, free and fee issued such regulations, of course, you have to ensure that people pay the effect. Flea markets on local websites did well.

1: information release fee



local information website you want to make money, take a look at your surroundings, your city, the classification of traditional media advertising on the many, not earn money, if not, then you have to earn money, but also have a large period of time, the time is not mature. If the traditional media in your area is doing well and the advertising business is good, then your website has a large collection of money.

Zappos in order to ensure excellent customer service, any shoes that are not delivered by itself are forced to rack, which makes its sales decreased by 1/4. Although we closed a door, we lost 25% of the profit. "It’s like I’m betting on the company’s development," Xie Jiahua said."

Internet must "landing", so the website design of the products and services necessary to the community people, woven into a chain of infinite network, will extend their tentacles to every corner of the city and the countryside, the formation of scale effect, this is where the local information advantage of the website, to form the core competitiveness local information, site should be in the "landing" efforts, of course, it is not a short duration of time will be able to do, really want to put a local information web site operators need to do long-term, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, when a lifetime career.

he won the bet, and the product sales reached $2 billion, and the quality of customer service brought more repeat customers, who also offered to recommend Zappos to their friends. In November 2009, Amazon bought Zappos for $1 billion 200 million, a perfect stop for Zappos.

CEO Xie Jiahua said, "in theory, this is a perfect idea."." But the reality backfired. After four years of the company, there was still no profit, no wind, and the shoe retail market had just recovered from the recession in 2001. In order to survive, companies must find more valuable products: good customer service, unless they deliver goods for customers, otherwise it will not be achieved, which means they have to build their own logistics system.

website is online shopping, to send some stationery, by others to build a website, XX information network, XX network, go outside to find the company orders, and then said to do a website to send XX life network login, free advertising in XX life network.

three: outside the website business

Zappos, like many Internet companies, started the tech bubble in 1999 with the intention of focusing on online, "hands free" shoes". Zappos sells shoes on the web, where customers choose shoes on the site, and suppliers send shoes to their customers from their own warehouses.


a local information website business scope can involve domestic, real estate intermediary, dating, distribution, training institutions, beauty and the release of information, these are local convenience services, is the best air plant germination. After doing so, you can collect money in at least three ways.

didn’t need to spend too much money to form a marketing team at first. You just have to give your website an advertising agent and get someone to collect it for you. The best agent is advertising for traditional media. Because they know better than you what customers are willing to spend money on advertising. These newspaper and magazine salesmen don’t have a high percentage of commission, you just give him 30%-50%, they’d like to

footwear electricity supplier Zappos has laid a portion of non profitable products, profits plummeted 25%, but brought rapid development, and ultimately by Amazon to more than 1 billion U.S. dollars price acquisition.


two: advertising fee

site advertising rental, this is much simpler. The point is, do not rush to earn advertising fees in the early stages. Advertising is very low in order to attract people to advertise. You can only do this, his name is bad, the market to do bad, you need to give yourself confidence, their advertising value of the money.

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, this is a story of a start-up company that succeeds in changing tactics.

with these money making methods, is it possible to make money? Want to rely on website profit, not only understand technology, engage in the network, you have to understand the market.

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