Abandon single site construction and create content rich web pagesChinese partner meeting to see how


, founder of E’s founder, Huang Zhigang, said that partners are different from hiring employees. They are masters of the business. This sense of belonging makes the partner more firm and loyal to the enterprise, and can not give up easily, because everything in the company is related to you. This virtually makes the relationship between partners more predictable and sustainable, so that such enterprises will be able to get considerable development.

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan


Han Emperor Liu Bang as Chinese history Chinese truly unified people, which, with a thoughtful look far ahead from a high plane, a commoner to beat a strong opponent, so just under the Qin Dynasty II perish, created a Chinese more than 400 years of inheritance, Han Gao Zucheng hegemony behind except for historical reasons, less Zhang Liang, Han Xin and Xiao He can’t help Liangchen hero. This is also today’s society, Liu Bang as the best example of entrepreneurship, more and more enterprises are recognized by the reasons, so many people say Liu Bang is the world’s most likely to be the boss.


Huang Zhigang believes that for Chinese partners, quality ethics is essential. A loyal to the enterprise, and the partner Frank talent enough to get the trust of others; since it is the heart to a thought, an effort to make, no matter what happens in the work process, we are able to tolerate each other; another is complementary partner decided to play in the enterprise role, finally is brave in when faced with the market, the storm will make snap, dare be a person first, have enough courage and confidence to stand in the air, supporting enterprises.


partnership is not only a long-term partnership, but also a partnership, "creating, sharing, sharing" partnership and entrepreneurship. In the country "The Belt and Road, public entrepreneurship, innovation" approach under the guidance of e to Jose investment, entrepreneurial finance breakfast, Metropolis Daily jointly organized the China Partner Conference, is the largest of the top business platform, both in the sharing of resources or investment, or is a global partner recruit, Chinese partner conference has the absolute advantage of entrepreneurs to become a successful incubator.

in the fast changing market economy, capital disputes, strategic planning, the interests of the game, are like fighting and expansion in the battlefield, no one is full of heroic and dangerous. The core of an enterprise is management, and the focus of management is talent. So the management of everything from the human, only fully understand the people to manage, can be used by enterprise. So, starting from the human perspective, many enterprises are quietly changed, by a person hired into authoritarian cooperative partnership, the management structure of the flat, more fair and independent.

, many small and medium-sized sites is actually the company’s introduction to the printed version of the electronic version, only the company introduction, products / services and contact information. These sites usually have only 5-10 pages of HTML files. From the customer’s point of view, because of this website can understand the basic information of enterprise, product / service content, so the "electronic catalog" website can basically meet the needs of enterprise customers to visit the website.



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