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this is only five to maintain daily operations of the studio, including one in Liuzhou and a full-time customer service is responsible for the office boy.

, as a member of the self media, is not explained on the basis of other venture projects. Guardian Yuan Kun think the content of entrepreneurship, this can talk about.

entrepreneurship is a seemingly wonderful thing, but after a year, found that he really did not get what, I believe that many peers are more rational, I think it is still relatively true to work. Plus entrepreneurs coming to investment are few, early without their own profitability, or does not have enough funds invested, basically is done.

photography / Chen Kunrong,

according to official data show that the respective media platform original content less than 10%, guard Yuan Kun without statistical knowledge from the media can make nothing of it, but insists the original really one, original content is really scarce opportunities for everyone.


weekday afternoon, the shop is not busy green. Occasionally, guests come in twos and threes. There are old fans who come from far away to buy train tracks, and young people and children who pass by curiously. Master Zhao controlled the sand table on the train model, slowly started up, surrounded by the crowd invariably shines.

text / world network reporter Zhu Yueyi


editor / Zhou Lin,

the most important thing about the train model is that it can be extended indefinitely, "Zhong said. In the domestic blank, the relative is in the initial stage of the market model train, has long gauge >

pushes away the blue colored toughened glass door, the Magic Kingdom of the train theme is vividly portrayed:

, another partner, Zhu Haijie, has spent most of these days looking for storefronts. Launched two models designed and made by the train model, get the first pen million financing, sound coming from the studio to move to the next stage, they are ready to take a theme park in the mall, will train more widely spread cultural model.

live broadcast has been promising, live broadcast has a stronger sense of reality, can interact with the user immediately, live platform has also risen rapidly. This year, I believe it’s also a good opportunity.


content of entrepreneurship can play like? We say the Internet can play? Website can play? Business can also play? Because access threshold is too low, I believe there will be more and more friends to enter, but the real good profit is always a minority.

, a sign that pretends to be closed, blocks the flow of people outside the street, but gives unlimited space to the real fans, because it is a group of "eccentric" minds.

yesterday a seemingly sh419 internal mail internal speech and then sent to the intranet? began in the online crazy pass, we found the key to "on the first content distribution", many industry insiders interpretation, this is to prove safety of today’s headlines.

as early as last year, the media platform in support of the original author, the traffic distribution, subsidy, copyright protection and other measures to make the original media to write original content, I believe there will be more platform to join in this year.

since content entrepreneurship can still play, then how to play well,


, whether traditional graphics, or the current hot short video, to be excavated live, or eventually

is a door on the right column half the height of the container, the cabinet piled in the building model, model train sandbox supporting characters; sand table model train left side stood a size of two or three square meters, is a sand table arranged in a bar like table, one of the founders of the clock said often to be model drawings. Here. In front of the door is printed a sound studio logo curtain, separated from the small office area. Back a few steps, a few more spectacular table occupied vision, studio technology play master Zhao V circuit design with DXP software in the central table side of the table, a wall behind him the most covered with neat rows of narrow shelf, lined the train model, the other half is small open a shelf.

from the media is the most common content entrepreneurs, is a large number of entrepreneurs in a group. Many friends, including Yuan Kun, have been labeled as "advertising" on many occasions. The new year has passed. It seems everyone is quiet.



Shanghai Jiangning Road, Repulse Bay Cultural Arts Center on the first floor, in the long train business model studio door also usually hanging "rest" signs, like a hermit in the city.

Guardian yuan Kun found that the mainstream content, entrepreneurship or text more, of course, this is also the most enthusiastic, after all, who do not have a few ideas, just write it out. But in the second half of 2016, the video support efforts are obvious to all, and I believe this is still a lot of opportunities.

may be just new year’s day, and perhaps for other reasons, entrepreneurs are getting quieter. The micro-blog see business experts Gong Wenxiang micro Bo said: a few days in class, not see a few people from the media advertising.

Abstract: one side is obsession, while the other is consumption, and the former becomes the driving force of the latter. Keep 8K model engraved, in January 20th this year, 3 in the morning on sale, priced at 2698 yuan, the same day at 8 in the morning has sold more than 100 units, less than a week, 750 units sold.


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