Knight hao123 website profit modelWhen the law on how to sell adorable Faceu topped the throne

tell me about my experience with the BP– business plan written by the contacts: Generally speaking, the business model and

as to why choose the beauties of the investment in the B round, CEO Guo column said that now is the era of video, film, live 17, Periscope, Musically these video social networking applications from the global rise can be seen, and the social image has been more and more closely, especially in China, female users can not open beauty.

first look at how it is advertised,

Faceu’s overall communication strategy is group Idol star + minority Idol net red

‘s comments on hao123 were numerous, when it was sold to sh419 at 11 million 900 thousand yuan, ten, and 40000 shares in 2004, raising high interest in Web site navigation. Hao 123 web site is a web site navigation, web site consists of simple static HTML format page, basically no technical content. But it has sold high prices, and its interest model is based on various types of affiliate advertising.

three is a high development strategy, including user-friendly promotion language prompts, build your own website group, bring traffic to each other.

as a senior beauty of aluminum child paper, the above software is basically played once, but most are in the cell phone, less than a week will be uninstalled. I think most users and small early is the same, if the product is not continuous innovation, the launch of the new demands of users constantly improve the psychological expectations and psychological satisfaction, when all the things inside are playing, this software can be uninstalled not far away.

March 18th, Faceu announced the acquisition of tens of millions of dollars of B round of investment, this round of investment led by Mito led, the speed of light and vibration with the cast. Previously, the Faceu team has access to IDG capital angel investment and speed of light vibration A round of financing.

has many small initial download software to beautify the picture, what Mito veg, in and so on. But if one day I found a Meitu Xiu Xiu or beauty camera with this software, you can completely do not need beauty stickers together, after completing the use of other stickers to show the software, so since I commonly used products have been popular, why the new App

first, it was set up early and was established in May 1995. It is good to set up early and cut people.


1. Low stickiness for users.

most of these products have one thing in common, that is, a product function as a breakthrough point, with almost no new features on the market to leveraging the market. It’s a great starting point, but these products are very easy to replicate.

two. Function starting point is not strong,

face adorable, magic diffuse camera, Mito veg, in, sh419 magic figure, pops and other entertainment software but why many products emerge in an endless stream, a fire after the death of

hao123 belongs to the standard portal, the portal is through its transit link to a service of a site, the number of its profit model is a transit link CTR on the site between the realization of interests, such early portals may adopt the form of obligation, to achieve click a certain amount of. Naturally, certain fees will be charged in the form of an agreement. That’s generally the case.


Knight station: www.hao123’s profit model is also in the practice of similar to the "stumbling, toil, learning by doing" in the gradual formation of their own unique positioning and return portfolio.


the above two, Faceu basically done, and compared to its predecessor face MOE, it has succeeded too much. Will it continue to capture the throne, or die like fire in the past,

according to the application, network search mainly solve two major search problems, one is keywords, and two is website navigation. Hao123 is the solution to the latter, and it should be said that when everyone is staring at the search engine, it is sensitive to find the other half of the search engine market. But today, with the development of the Internet economy, it has been difficult to find a growth space except for what has already been achieved and purely online services like this.

two is a good location, just learned to use the Internet site navigation as a gateway into the Internet, to meet the needs of Chinese Internet users.

and other self timer software is different, Faceu can accurately capture, identify the user’s face, through a variety of MOE elements, change your overall appearance. We can become a second way to fly, also can become a Sailor Moon, can spit rainbow can also take this adorable sell.

, its profit model is the advertising model which relies on traffic for income. Its success lies in its traffic. And why is its traffic so large, this is the core of the success of this site?. For this point, Wang Tong made a detailed and thoughtful analysis of the hao123 website:

it can be seen that our country’s "PS Dafa" is almost complete.

most of the profit model, traditional economy and network economy are based on customer demand, so the core of hao123 is to meet customer demand, so that customers stabilize in their own surroundings, resulting in click through rate. The development of such websites should seize the market segments of the Internet at a specific stage of development, helping users solve the actual difficulties of Web site memory and retrieval, and thus achieve their own.

For example:


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