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By then, Wang Shi, who was still living in Shenzhen selling corn, walked past International Trade Building or Cetra Building and saw a lot of police cars and onlookers standing downstairs, and the police were busy maintaining order in. Wang Shi came forward to ask, only to learn that Deng Xiaoping is building top, overlooking the Shenzhen SAR picture. ""," he said in his memoir, "I think it’s time to do something big.". "

nine shot SLR partner is undoubtedly a "small head", palm size, only equivalent to the weight of an egg, but it contains enormous energy. Take nine to solve the current market partner SLR SLR photography all sorts of pain points: real remote shooting, SLR can easily self timer; intelligent trigger mode, including sound, light, laser trigger trigger trigger, whenever and wherever possible to capture the beauty; time-lapse photography, adjust the parameters at any time; shoot push, a key to share photos and so on.


there is a clear difference between this entrepreneurial boom and 30 years ago, and most start-ups are inextricably linked to the internet. From the reform of the spring breeze bathed under the old generation of entrepreneurs began to become the spiritual mentor of many young entrepreneurs.

small head, big ability

April 26th, Beijing nine technology Limited by Share Ltd held nine to shoot SLR partner "of a new conference in Zhongguancun Venture Street Jingdong tea museum. At the same time, "nine shot SLR partner" in the Jingdong raised the public on-line only a week, raising more than 530 thousand yuan.

at the end of 2014, the annual gathering of entrepreneurs will be on the spot, and entrepreneurs from all directions are all excited. They belong to different industries, have their respective areas of expertise, but no matter what the industry, are actively embrace the internet. The financial industry, life services, tourism, and the medical industry are all doing the industry’s iterative upgrade through the internet.

has been the fate of Niu Wenwen in the Taiwan ebullience speech, as in the past to Taiwan under the spirit, is full of different age stages of entrepreneurs. Financial writer Wu Xiaobo said, "" 90 is killing 60.". ">

Abstract: entrepreneurship is a passionate road of struggle, or as Dai Zhikang said, is a " abused " only the real experience to know. " if you want to know the taste of a pear, you must taste it yourself. "

company, entering the market is like a duck, and what are the secrets of

is a special year in the history of Chinese enterprise development in 1984. This year, George · Orwell’s prophecy did not come true; out of fear of Americans began to sing a hymn. On the other side of the world, China, after several storms, is in the eve of an unprecedented market-oriented reform.

January 28, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council executive meeting pointed out, should adapt to the Internet era to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation situation, the construction for all the public record " " business service platform, to stimulate the creativity of hundreds of millions of people, including college students, cultivating all kinds of young creative talents and innovative team, driven by the expansion of create employment, economic development in the new " " engine;.

in addition, Wei Yongming also mentioned, strong execution, high-quality company team on the nine shot SLR partners can not be published. Nine Plato founded by Tsinghua University known a passenger, Internet and financial sector for entrepreneurs, in the core team under the leadership of the company to the design team, product team and development team are adhering to the "design concept, simple and happy life", in order to obtain more convenient, photography enthusiasts and extreme intelligence the photography work experience.

open source software leader low-key turn, the formation of luxury executive team, into the field of intelligent hardware

preaching, teaching, the mission of the older generation

this scene with 30 years ago, Deng Huibi under the title " in the District of Zhuhai District of Zhuhai; " a similar scene when. Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, once again become the main theme of the market economy reform, countless new era of " Wang Shi " is ready for action.



news conference, and extraordinary conversation with Wei Yongming, was a domestic open source community leaders, which hosted the MiniGUI project, is one of the most famous open source software project early, he also in 2013 was "Chinese OSS Promotion Union" award for outstanding contribution figures of open source software". It must be said that a witty wit breaks the constant perception that engineers are not good at talking. Now, he has another identity, nine to CEO. He described it as "the first time I saw nine film SLR partner" product prototype experience: "at the end of August 2015, the first time I saw Li Huijun in the alumni business and his prototype, is very excited. The concept of intelligent hardware for a while, I is an alumnus of Tsinghua University, there are many in the field of intelligent hardware, such as smart toothbrush, intelligent speakers, intelligent piano, smart light bulbs, but the product is the prototype of Li Huijun, I saw two or three very practical intelligent hardware products, in short, is true user value for the product." He repeatedly stressed that "nine shot SLR partner" is the protagonist of the conference.



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