Morgan Stanley managing director on China’s nternet investment entrepreneurship the key three ste


choose the pond,


we often see Taobao customers have a lot of income station owners, issued on the topic of dog shit. There’s no such thing as "stepping on shit". Basically, it was because of the traffic on his website that it resulted in "stepping on dog feces". Really do Taobao customers, we need our own efforts to earn money. Do website is very important, the content is very important, I have a doll Amoy shopping network now from sh419 to 22W, but the flow rate is less than one thousand, every day can be concluded a list, recently I often and some Adsense exchange, can do more good to flow.

finally, don’t be obsessed with what myth of high income, work station, you are a myth, above is a personal discussion, not interested please does! My Taobao guest website taowawa, if have what problem can communicate with me

is now the Internet site is probably the most Taobao customer, every day I can see about Taobao guest Wangzhuan article in A5, on the Wangzhuan share cheats what, but the real big website and a few do, every well paid but how many, I have come back to see what the so-called the Taobao customer revenue ranking really reliable? Do you know how many rows up

iResearch data show that in 2011 China’s online shopping market trading scale close to 800 billion yuan, the online advertising market size is 51 billion 290 million yuan, the online shopping market is 47 billion 620 million yuan, the film box office is 13 billion 200 million yuan. Which category is more easy to see the pond Daxian, although platform companies are fierce fighting, but the original brand shop on the platform in the traditional enterprise, even on behalf of the operators, are able to have a good profit and space. The pond is big enough to keep big fish in the future.

so we can not just look at the others share can do, actually do Taobao off and do other websites like Taobao provided the content is the same, you have someone, you are in the promotion of others in the promotion, how can we make money in them, we need our own efforts. In fact, we can increase the content of the article, to see my station above, there are other articles of sexual content, a lot of traffic are from the article. In this way, by visiting my article to promote Taobao customers products, there will be a lot of opportunities to clinch a deal. It’s just a way.

in such a competitive situation, 6 enterprises can have 1 listed. So far, the listed companies have listed on the issue price of 60% is also listed below, then need to maintain financial transparency, and the need to explain to investors, often live more hard in the already listed companies, there are 70% market value of the two companies occupy, a Tencent, is a sh419.

China’s Internet industry should be the most competitive industry in China. If you leave for one or two years, then you’ll never be able to keep up with the latest concepts when you get back. In recent years the ups and downs of the video, SNS, group purchase, the electricity supplier to the mobile Internet business, the army fought.


A5 starter, please indicate the source of reprint, thank you!


According to the statistics of the

today to write this guest who is in the Taobao share Wangzhuan road for you, to tell you the same need promotion, need to do propaganda Taobao customers and website.

is bullish on the pond, second needs to be focused on business models. Business model is equivalent to the real estate industry location, if the site is not good, the house can not be sold, if the business model is bad, the days of the enterprise will be very hard.

now do Taobao guest more, many webmasters have joined the Taobao API program development customer to achieve their good site, Taobao API is the webmaster to many benefits, it can help us save a lot of time to do other, but many owners do not understand the API program online a lot of download, some people begin selling apps and encryption to get other people’s work results. These people is shameful, of course, we also support the results of the original author’s work, we do not oppose the sale procedures, for those who say duplicity, is free to download, but the end is not what the encryption.

, the Internet industry has not started, "time + luck + hold" have the possibility flourishes, now the threshold for entrepreneurship has become increasingly high, in any field, including segments are no longer a blue ocean. Faced with this reality, many entrepreneurs and investors are confused, how to find a relatively good direction of entrepreneurship?

I published a speech before this, Pyramid is divided into three layers, the bottom of the center is a product of the enterprise, including the company, company of game of film making, because they have the risk of product cycle, each 3-5 needs to have a new game to improve their product line. Although both Zhang Yimou and Kaige Chen are excellent directors, no one can guarantee that his next film will make money.

, the middle and senior level in Pyramid, is a platform and community centric enterprise, and also a better business model. The risk of product cycle is relatively small. For example, half of Tencent’s turnover comes from the game, and he just needs to be flat

of Morgan Stanley, the China Internet is about 230 thousands of websites, and risk investment in Chinese hot money, about half of all in the Internet industry, a number of the most intelligent young man, also in the Internet business.

focuses on business models,

as long as we can have a good way, good for our Wangzhuan road.



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