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computer one: 3500 yuan, annual depreciation 3500/5+, maintenance fee 3500*5%=865.00 yuan / year,

, before writing the subject, pull it down.

Do Wangzhuan basic equipment:

has been talking to him for a while, deep in his heart,

100 thousand of the shipment mentioned above, this data, how much, say much not much.

in this regard, I would like to declare that I am not the first, moving bricks, then I did not show off, and that is third months of data.

note: the utilization rate is 50%, including network failures and holidays and so on.

want to write an article, but also with such a "cow" title, please look down slowly.

white people will listen to refute, TM I move bricks all day long only a few hundred dollars.

this means that if you are occupation Wangzhuan industry, you must ensure that each year to earn 2367.6 yuan +2000*12 yuan =26367.6 yuan is quite a common industry average, of course, if in Shanghai, Beijing and other places requires a high standard of living is higher.

writes tears while writing; the original is " I’m crying for you to type "

, there’s another extreme. I feel like I’m out of my way. I can’t support myself now. I’m earning less than $one hundred a day.

I will discuss the secrets of grassroots entrepreneurship from the perspective of a grassroots and a small entrepreneur.

, my XXX sold about one million, my team of more than 1000 people, my monthly profit of hundreds of thousands.

cost: 2367.6 yuan / year


if you’re free unit surfing hook is better it should be pure cost, make time to shutdown restart at the end of each day to open the surf + connection =30 minutes = every morning, if you can hang 10 foreign free surfing is better.

cost inputs:

therefore, I have experienced the whole process of failure and success, and my experience and experience have a certain effect on grass-roots entrepreneurship.

electricity: 0.35 kW / h, *10 hours / day, *0.55 yuan / kW, *365 days =702.6 Note: open display is about 0.4 kW / h, pass is 0.3 kW / h, take average

is still an entrepreneur. He failed in business and owes about 300000 of his external debt.

access ADSL:800 yuan / year

if you use or learn to earn the knife, do not remember the cost can also be. It should also earn at least 2000 yuan /30 days /24 hours *2 hours / day *365 days +2 hours /10 hours / day * 865+800+702.6 yuan / year =2501.3 yuan / year, that is to say if you start a day of work or study for 10 hours, with 2 hours to earn money, then 2501.3 yuan / year and to my job is the salary. People like this should have lots of

why can I hurry up and pay a lot of tuition? I have to learn something at any end.

Why does

I am a thorough grassroots, and I support the grassroots entrepreneurship.

webmaster query tool tool.admin5

said now is how much, not worth mentioning, lest some ignorant abuse will spray.

all these are just because everyone is in a different position and from the angle of view.

God listened to laugh, a month before such a point, or point out for show.


1 / min, *60 minutes / hour, *14 hours 6 p.m. to 8 next day, *0.3 knife, /1000 point, *365 days / year * utilization 50%=46 knife / year


Zhu Haitao is the second pioneering, and the first time is too hard to force, not much mention.

I received an email the day before yesterday. It was written at the grassroots level.

Heard some regressed donghonghong words will often

so there is a share of this article, I hope that my experience can be helpful to every grassroots entrepreneur.

estimated that the vast majority of forum is the person who is, or is ready to engage in Wangzhuan industry; I don’t know what is the formal occupation of everyone, I will follow 2000 yuan / month salary to do an average estimation.

second, do third months, monthly shipments have reached 100 thousand.

in the circle for a long time, see more people, but also easy to numb.

1 stops: www.php178

is 460 knives for 10 stops, not bad! Every day for half an hour =460 knives / years!

this article focuses on grassroots how to do counter attack in a short time, read this article, does not guarantee that everyone has an effect. Written only for those with high understanding and strong execution of entrepreneurs and teams. Otherwise, I’ll be a god.

entrepreneurship phase 1: identifying products and / or creating


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