Zhu Lin this entrepreneur he did not get financing and employees do not talk about ideals


in this era,

such entrepreneurs can succeed?

sat in front of a middle-aged man named Zhu Lin, mosaic blue (SecIsland) founder. He doesn’t look like an entrepreneur at all, or, unlike the entrepreneurs of this era.

This is the

you can hear the next table and spit flying "O2O" and "sharing economy" in the cafe, crowded subway can meet the next person call "the combination of tens of millions of times". In this era of entrepreneurs, should not be the spirits, dress and shining, you talked about "air" and "value" of young people


Zhu Lin entrepreneurial experience, but it seems that there is no relationship with the times.

he resigned in early 2014 to start a business, over the past 3 years, did not get financing, no equity. The company has maintained several people in scale, but the sparrow may be small, development, testing, sales have. As founder, Zhu Lin has a lot of work: recruitment, design, development, demand, analysis, implementation, after sales……

for a long time, only a mosaic of blue log analysis software SeciLog. The main function of this product is to log analysis: including the centralized collection and storage of logs, unified query, analysis, early warning and display for beforehand prevention, audit and forensics provide the basis for compliance and association rules by the cross device inspection companies.

such products in foreign precedents, such as Splunk, such as Symantec’s SSIM, such as HP’s ArcSight. A meeting, Zhu Lin first honestly put their own products directly thrown out –

"from a purely technical point of view, we are still some gaps with foreign products. But we also have their own advantages, one is the service, the two is the price, the three is the localization support."

it doesn’t sound too cool. Compared to the network attack and defense, and the glint and flash of cold steel of the kind of meat, there seems to be too light. But a Zhu Lin, was not a super hero entrepreneur, this year he has done, is a step to overcome technical problems, we solve the customer pain point. Zhu Lin believes that as long as the technical barriers erected, one day, he will go to the front of the peer.

in this era, such entrepreneurs can succeed?


grassroots entrepreneurs

2014, 38 year old Zhu resigned from the galaxy in Hangzhou, ready to venture out. Prior to his resignation, he is the most senior managers, managing a team of 50 people, the car is, smooth, the only reason the business is: "I have this age, don’t try, this life is over."

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