Three owners who never make moneyAnalysis of how to use the personal blog to make money

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for the above three kinds of webmaster often mistakes, we simple analysis:

network is developing rapidly, many people have prompted the establishment of a personal blog for myself, of course I am one, slowly will have some own views, then write down here and share with you,

, the first kind of stationmaster, belongs to the whimsical type person, because the heart is ignorant to the future, lacks the head, always hopes the success of the business lies on others, and the final result can be imagined.

third kinds of people is not able to adhere to, steadfast website is the fundamental, as I know this station webmaster. You know the last successful webmaster is always the most able to adhere to the webmaster, think and do any successful stationmaster indispensable qualities, not these mistakes happen again, recognize their own strengths, confirm a pattern, stick to it, don’t be jealous of others for

of course, relative to the blog site also has its own advantages, and is convenient for personal blog management, unlike the website, blog is very simple and very easygoing, like a personal laptop, no website that requires such rigorous, convenient maintenance and management, save a lot of time and energy, but still need a serious effort to do.

of course, whether it’s a website or a personal blog, it’s always the most important thing to advertise. Other sites Post Bar, post, message board signature and so on, these are the best friends, you can also carry on the development and utilization, but attention must be appropriate, if the method is inappropriate or excessive publicity may have.

also has a point, must be more original. If it is not blog website, website, then one hundred percent can be collected, but if the blog to do the same, will lose a lot of appeal, in the blog, only you carefully to keep the original content throughout your website appeal, and those big search engines is the original love, if only love is so wonderful collection, this blog release their wonderful place may not be for you.

second kinds of webmaster is not enough willpower, lack of action.

2, and so on the site of the webmaster technology than I am far away, and now his station can bring tens of thousands of IP

3, and a class of webmaster, see other webmaster do good, today learned so, tomorrow learn that

results did not do the same for a long time, and no real heart to think of other webmaster success is the root cause of what, just follow the crowd, no one’s own opinion.

uses blogs to make money, and advertising has to say. First of all, the ads do not paste the full page is, personal blog is not a web site, blog to let people have a warm feeling, do not have vulgar business sense, have a simple affinity. Wonderful content do not allow ads to destroy, at the beginning, suggest you stick to update every day to have their own wonderful original, so that over time, you should also conduct propaganda during this period, some simple reprint, do not reprint too much, don’t let you see in advertisements your blog. Adhere to this for four or five months, click rate up, and then put on advertising. Try to integrate the ads and the page so that the ads are close to your blog theme and your design. Don’t let anyone get in and see the dazzling ads full of screens.

the beginning of what is the purpose of the site, the last point is through the web site to make money, after all, money is the hard truth! Decided the fate in their daily thoughts and actions you have decided, as a webmaster, if you can give your site to bring a clear profit model, feed web site. If you also have the following three phenomena, I suggest you quickly get rid of this problem, because it will affect your "money way"!

1, have a kind of stationmaster, see a person to ask, "what alliance is good now"

so webmaster for creative, he can earn tens of thousands a month, why not me? But when I really started to do, and do not mind, think this mode is good, but too tired, the model is also good, but the effect is too slow, it was standing still. With Ma’s words: "at night think of a thousand Road, get up in the morning to take the road.".

is the first to make money, a lot of people in the blog to get personal blog to make some money, but I think the personal blog website to make money than money is indeed more difficult, because personal blog content is not the content of the website so single-minded, that is to say: the personal blog content loose. So, if you want to make money, do blog, you have to choose a topic for yourself, and then of course, write some blog posts that are closely related to the subject. With that in mind, the matching ads are targeted. But not all of the posts are about a topic, and there are other fascinating blogs. To sum up, if you want to use blogs to make money, how to commercialize your personal blog is the top priority.

"do you have any good alliances, recommend them?" and so on. Think about it with your heels. You know, there’s no answer or result. You want to know that there’s a money making model, and it’s free to tell you that you’re not making money secretly. So, this kind of stationmaster starts from the station and asks the end, and can only sigh: "what if that year, what about me now?".

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