Maybe allows users to vote online help you make your decision40% gross profit is still in the loss

"do not rigidly adhere to where consumers come from."

electricity supplier industry two mountains: can not fight, but also inseparable from the

there is no doubt that the sex appeal market will continue to expand. The category is extremely high and generally runs up and down at 40%. If not condoms, such low margin products will be delayed, but also higher. Interesting appliances, electricity providers really look like a good business.

, however, Taohuawu hall, his interest in the 2016 results showed that the loss of. What’s wrong with this industry? Is it worth the investment? Recently, read a number of key people in the industry to understand the industry.

not long grass under a tree. This is the best outline of China’s electricity supplier pattern.


effect is not ideal. Taohuawu lost 11 million 610 thousand yuan in 2016, the first loss since its establishment. A huge amount of advertising threatens the company’s financial security, and Taohuawu changes its strategy. Give up a lot of investment, keep existing websites and APP, and step up to embrace Ali & Jingdong.

, the founder of Taohuawu, has been under a lot of pressure recently. This comes from an unsuccessful attempt to escape Ali & Jingdong.

"Customer Ecological is irreversible, we just go in the ecological environment, to adjust the business model." Peng Daizeng called the new strategy "channel is king"".

Maybe: let users vote for you to make a decision,


this user is not sure which shoes to buy, so the three pairs sent to Maybe, so that users vote and comment


in 2016, Taohuawu sales reached 39 million 780 thousand, an increase of 102%. However, the price is not small. Annual sales expenses of 22 million 840 thousand, an increase of 256% over the previous year. A considerable portion of the cost was invested in the Android market application store. Peng Daizeng attempts to acquire new customers through APP and establish contact, reduce long-term marketing costs.

in addition, the voting page on the Maybe shows the voting and comment dynamics on the right. This adds a bit of social networking flavor to the site and a Twitter demeanor. Maybe’s original intention is to allow users to relatives, classmates and friends to vote for the "intimate social", but in fact most of the vote and comment on their enthusiastic users are unfamiliar, so that Maybe gave birth to the unique "voting culture", more inclined to online community.

, vip, jumei is one of the successful representatives, interest appliances, electricity providers may also join. Coincidentally, the three company representative in the industry, Taohuawu 838664.OC, chunshuitang 839466.OC, his interest 837427.OC have been listed on the new board.

life and death, Ali & Jingdong, become the fate of all vertical electricity supplier. The two companies, like two black holes, suck up traffic, customers and everything on the line. There are still some vertical electricity suppliers like weeds, tenacious survive, in the crevice to find the best position.

in the domain of others, pay tribute to the inevitable. Interest shop 100 dollars per piece of sales revenue, Tmall service fees 8-12, Jingdong received 8-10. Interest products gross margin is high, pumping far higher than household electrical appliances. When Ali and Jingdong almost monopolize the flow of this category, the service tax may be more accurate than the "service fee".

Maybe is a social decision platform. If the user is unsure of the question, you can ask questions, list options, so that users vote to choose. As shown in the following figure, a user who is not sure which color shoes are more appropriate, put the three alternative products to the Maybe personal home page, so that users vote. The white shoes received 1 votes note it with a "your vote" label, means that this is you just cast off; brown shoes won 5 votes, one of the most welcome, so it gets a heart-shaped tag; but in the end the sponsor chose pink shoes, it votes to 3 votes, with a green label, said it was ultimately chosen.

on the Maybe, users can not only vote on various goods, give advice, but also discuss a variety of hot topics, such as "which team do you prefer to win the European Cup" and so on. It’s reminiscent of Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg Mark Zuck>


is now a popular saying, called "decision phobia", it is the symptom of whatever size, always thinking, repeated consideration, still unsure. The solution given by Maybe, America’s start-up company, is to let users vote online for decisions.

channel is king

              it is worth mentioning that the users in the production of options, no need to upload pictures, just fill in a URL page, Maybe will automatically read the page contains the key words and pictures, and the list for users to choose and use. This undoubtedly raises the speed of asking questions and greatly improves the user experience. In contrast, whether it is Facebook or Twitter, the user will either need to write their own voting options and select the pictures, or only released a long web address, is not simple enough, people lack of participation motivation.


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