The webmaster how to do the seven effective method of the chain

many webmaster is to see the number and quality, all know the role of quality than quantity, but often see other owners said their chain number, may play a competition to the pursuit of quantity to psychology. For the quantity, many of the old owners mentioned, a quality of the chain can be arrived twenty common link. So, don’t look at the number of owners should be, even if the chain is small, if the quality is quite high, so ranking is not bad. And the number is not making high ranking.

special love group software.

It is a day to complete the

5 and attention and website

sometimes, we do not use those sensitive words, but after two word up may be some sensitive words, the search engine is the machine, not artificial, not yet intelligent so strong, or be careful.

Many webmaster

to the site outside the chain is one of the must do every day work. Outside chain for the site of the role I do not say that everyone is aware of the. Of course, the chain help will naturally have the taboo, after all, everything has pros and cons. So, to make a note that outside the chain, the author summed up today:

3, the quality of priority Don’t crush mass software


the increase of the chain is the pursuit of stable and sustainable, but not today tomorrow to increase 30, 100, 300 on the day after tomorrow, so increase the speed of the website ranking weight without any benefits, but could only be brought to the site right down or drop, many stations have encountered outside the chain increase is too big to enter 11 or the keywords ranking unstable situation. So, for the chain should maintain a steady increase, after all the chain is in need of long-term accumulation.

1, can not be too

whether the content or the chain, the correlation is very important, and the search engine for the chain has a strong correlation with web site, ranking the weights given are especially good. So, in the chain to the site, you should look at whether the release platform and related websites, such as shopping mall and the mall to find natural distribution platform to do outside the chain, the website of the find webmaster forum to do outside the chain. This correlation is very good, but also helps to enhance the site’s various factors.

4, not volume increased

to the site of the chain is not, for the increase of the chain should maintain a steady rise in the state, especially new sites, if a line is linked into a large number of sites, naturally into the search engine evaluation period is very easy. And know the chain increase too fast, then let the station to enter the examination period, let the old station into 11. So, for the chain should be increased, the so-called eat porridge.

The correlation between 2, pay attention to sensitive words


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