The new construction of the chain to increase sharply

site optimization and construction plan, should not be less complete scheme of the construction of the chain. The new on-line operations owners eager to increase the chain to the site, no matter it is right or wrong, but he is convinced of the chain effect. The search engine algorithm indeed account for a majority of Chinese and foreign chain. The chain construction scheme of the bloggers have specific methods of the chain, today is to share point method.

third: the chain chain exchange platform. A chain exchange platform for many, here is not to give you an example, you can go to Shanghai in search of love. Submit your web site on this website, the first truly free, only need to register an account, submit web information, specify their purpose, exchange or buy, or buy links. There are a lot of light to stand outside the chain, exchange links in such a platform, just submit the information, but not the exchange, not stay in contact, so it will not be disturbed, but this method is not good, do not suggest that you go to. Honesty is very important, it should be left to find, maybe you can find you want links.

second: navigation site outside the chain. The weight of the site navigation do not say you know, if I can be like the hao123 navigation site, not the stability of the chain, to bring your daily traffic is a lot. But now do site navigation is difficult, a lot of navigation station you need to give him a link on the home page, which is the premise of your site included. But the webmaster should think of such an approach is not what benefits for themselves, but for the chain can still try. There are some small is not single, but the weight is not very high, the webmaster to assess their submission.

fourth: Webmaster Tools query platform. The development of the Internet industry is driven by many of the webmaster tools platform is also frequently on the line, this is good for the webmaster, also it is a good place to stay outside the chain. You can use Adsense tools (dev.zzbaike贵族宝贝). Use the webmaster tools query site survey, weight high website will be included, and the site next to search in that web site, which is very helpful for the site to bring flow. But this is not a platform for query query can be included, some weight high is this.

: the first classification information chain. The classification of information website is now a lot of people network, Ganji, 58 city network. The weight of these sites is very high, the chain can be said to be the second effect. But not only do the chain of the heavy chain do not do, station links, information will not be deleted relevant. So some small classified information website is to do other. The chain construction planning the classified information website should be reasonable in your project. Perhaps your website and classification information is not relevant, then you have to think of ways to put their information into account, if not information, the most simple way is to use the information outside the chain of their recruitment.


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