The high quality of the chain for have three merit

through this search for resources, is the chain resources unique, since people can go to our website to get the article, we can also send their own. I will tidy up these resources, will be able to send the article to find out where, and then start the optimization of my hair only palletizer. The chain is not to win, but to win, so the low quality of the chain should be willing to give up.

to do the construction of the chain only stacker sites there are half a year in the first half of this year, did not do other things, looking for light chain, so the high quality of the chain I accumulated a lot of experience. Here today and Shanghai dragon friends share some of my search for the chain of merit.

1, through the search to find the source of this article, the meaning is to write their own articles or other articles in Shanghai love search, record the propagation path. Optimization for the best stacking machine website to get me to write the article, I contribute in some weight high website, a large number of articles will be spread out, when people copy of my article, I can think about whether I can release on these platforms. Many webmaster color collection articles will link people to delete or change their own links, the quality of the chain resources through this finding method is very high, they released the chain in these places, at least to ensure that our links will not be deleted.

just entered the Shanghai dragon in this line of people generally start from the construction of the chain, because the technical level the construction of the chain involves fewer things. I just do not work to optimize stacker website, also from the beginning of the construction of the chain, because no experience from outside the chain slowly understand Shanghai dragon is a good entrance. Do website optimization of foreign chain construction is a soft spot, there is a saying: content is king, the chain for the emperor. So how to find the chain resources? Especially the high quality the chain is hard to find.

actually before the love of Shanghai did not delay the chain Scindapsus algorithm, is still doing well, it requires only the chain resources can be used on the line, the high quality is not high, it is not indifferent. But since the algorithm after the launch, the low quality of the chain with nothing, is a love of the Shanghai of the chain of garbage strike, two is a lot of garbage outside the chain is easy to fall in love with the sea developed K station. Under such circumstances, the high quality the chain is very important. I do for the main chain only stacker site has the following points:

2, the use of search engines to find the chain, we all know the website optimization using powerful search engine. So I do not optimize the stacker website on the good use of the function of search engine, looking for high quality chain. In fact, we in the search engine search "stack chain resources" Fuji machine 贵族宝贝fujiyusoki贵族宝贝.hk/


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