These key problems in the website have you noticed

in general, I do not recommend you to modify the site title, because it is related to the website weight and keywords ranking, but sometimes has to be or must be modified, so at this time I suggest you as much as possible small changes, otherwise causing the site to drop right is certain. At the same time, at this time the need to strengthen the foundation of the chain and the chain of the auxiliary, the only way to better the website even drop right also can quickly restore.

for some sites, often face substantial revision, involving some website column path adjustment in the path before this time we need to close the record website, and don’t take the path before directly deleted, can be made into a 301 redirect way weight transmission, and for the new path you love Shanghai is also the assessment period, so when we do within the chain as much as possible into the spider, so as to promote the early review.

(three) to the site as a whole structure.

on the web "

(a) to ensure normal access website revision.

(four) site title is very important.

(five) after the website promotion work.

for the development of a website, the search engine is more and more attention to the user experience, many websites will better cater to the user, so as to add some more conducive to the user experience and plug-in, requires a lot of time on our website in late stage development, so the website will be relatively inevitable. But as our personal webmaster, whether from the technology, web finishing operations are so weak. Especially some AdSense for the revised website right down to, and then regret, these are very common, so how to do a website is down right? Today I share with you some of my website in some of the experience.

(two) revised by the local test way.

do when standing before I found many webmaster directly on the web server with website revision, debugging greatly, completely ignore your website is still at the spider crawling, causing spider or is not trusted, causing the site to drop the weight of the new audit. So here, I recommend the best is in the revision of the local test, after debugging completely plugin template and accurately completed, in direct upload to the server, it can not only guarantee in the revision of the site during the normal status, at the same time we also reached the purpose of the revision.

in the process of our revision of its website, do not close the site, lead to the spider can’t grab crawling. In order to reduce the website included, and right down. So we in the process of the website must guarantee that the website can be a normal visit, and ensure the normal update content, the chain extension of these aspects.


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