We teach you the successful exchange of high weight website Links below

today is the weekend, the underground rain. Sanming Shanghai dragon continue to talk about how to improve the exchange Links with high success rate and the weight of the site, the first six recruit success you exchange high weight website Links (on) the self-help chain method, mail application method and the forum of the three methods to advance today and continue to introduce the personal contacts by the public the message and site launch method, we hope to help.

(6) site launch method. This method is the most efficient. First, this method is not everyone can use, limited to the technical personnel engaged in network construction company or company. Many gov sites are outsourced to the company responsible for the construction of network construction, including the maintenance and management of the late. For them, the best placed in their own, responsible for the construction of the website for Links again easy, but are one-way, not only into the cool. If you are not in the industry, then you’ll have to use the personal contacts method on that, as far as possible to establish contact with the network construction company of friends, for their help and support.

(5) contacts borrows the method. This is the best way to. The site is generally a few friends stand or engaged in technical services to friends, especially the local website, easily with GOV or edu site administrators, technicians on business and work on the relationship between friends. There is a friendship, add a Links should not be easy. You also don’t have such friends now, think of the six space theory, it is said that as long as the six person, you can know anybody in the world. So, the job to spend a little, expand your contacts, friends of the way to go.

well, I think to share with you. If you feel good, but also please dingyiding this article. Of course, also welcome webmaster and material night think secretarial nets www.caiyes.cn exchange Links. Master QQ:181349347.

(4) public message method. This method is the most awesome. The need for public affairs, the vast majority of gov websites are set to the message board. If the email is not a reply, reply on the website message probability is very high. A netizen with Mars your reply after exposure, attracting a large number of onlookers, directly to the site to get paralysis. Of course, message and email have the same earnest words, this exchange links perfectly logical and reasonable requirements, do not add extra burden to the webmaster ah): in addition, some of the messages without audit can be displayed, if not add a chain to the site? Once again put up, this method should be used with caution you.


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