The Shanghai dragon optimization basic skills

Shanghai dragon is simple to search engine optimization.

The content and function of the

is a web development, first analyze the content and function of the website. According to the content and function of the site, determine the core keywords website, according to the core keyword expansion. Keywords don’t too widely, this competition is too big not easy to do, of course, also do not choose not the keyword index, even if you do go up, no one search. We can use the location, select some long tail keywords, such as the keyword "admissions network, we can according to the geographical location and site keywords to do. Add "Ningbo" into "the word Ningbo admissions network, this is easy to do, do it with effect.

!The influence factors of the !The core of The

A. keyword

Title: concise, highly summarized, including keywords, should not be too long.


a. website. The development of a web site is like a tree, while the Shanghai dragon website optimization like a tree planting. A tree is not difficult, but to the tree planting, let it grow up is not easy, need to spend enormous time and energy. The tree determines can grow up healthy, so the content and function of a website is also determines the site can be developed.

3. Shanghai dragon has 3 points: the content of the website, domain name, host and function.

B. keyword density:

4. Shanghai Dragon: the keyword

as a result of the need, I summed up the simple analysis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of basic skills, here to share with you.

2. Shanghai dragon effect: after Shanghai Longfeng optimized website more easily indexed by search engines, are more likely to improve the site keywords in the search engine rankings, so as to improve the site traffic and ranking

B. website domain name and host. The website is like a person, but the name is like a person’s name. So the domain name must first brief note that best conforms to the website content, website keyword with the domain name, it is more easy to search engine recognition. The application domain, we must first check the domain name have been registered, have not been K. If you are registered, the domain name is k, this is not enough. The site compared to a person’s words, the host is like a person’s home. So the most important thing is to host the fast, stable and safe. Fast: is to open the website quickly! If your site is open very slowly, customers are gone! As guest come to your home, if you open the door for a long time are not open, people are expected to run away? Stability is to keep the site 24 hours of stable operation. There is safe. Similarly, if your home is not safe, often there are hackers to go that you this website also will soon be

1. Shanghai dragon


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