The real case about how to restore the site was K

later, the website operation for more than four months, the site began to appear some abnormal phenomena, is included in site site every day there is little change, sometimes will reduce a few domain>

do have two years of time, it had also had a climax period of low tide, high tide will not say, because he is not the theme of today! Low tide, not only I encountered, most of the webmaster have encountered similar problems, it is pulled into the blacklist website is inexplicable the so-called love Shanghai K station, this means that before all of the rankings, weights have disappeared Not the least trace was found. this is the one thing that most worried for the webmaster, before the efforts were in vain. So some owners from the Shanghai dragon ranks, of course challenge webmaster to summarize the K station, as a warning for the future, which is the so-called stage a comeback, from the fall on where to climb up, say so much nonsense, today’s topic is how the site is k

will be restored?I received a life service website of Xi’an cleaning network

a year ago, the site at the beginning of the operation? It is to update the information, rarely do the chain. The site of the big boss, utterly ignorant of some website, only money, but also to the website pointing, things changed once every two or three days, do not know who to listen to that website title as long as possible, I want to curse, but after all, money is not me, so in accordance with the wishes of customers changed. Xi’an Xi’an | cleaning cleaning company | Xi’an carpet cleaning | Xi’an wall cleaning | Xi’an * * * * in Xi’an cleaning cleaning network. This is the website title description, I know but I can not reasonable, our company is using the network server, I was depressed, one or two weeks before the site will not open, the leadership did not say what, I could not say what, anyway, and lose the first battle. Should the requirements of leadership, time! Website updates need to add some specific in the chain, this is done, such as a piece of information, beginning according to Xi’an (www. Xi’an贵族宝贝 net cleaning cleaning) the…… or the end of the above information by the Xi’an nets (www. Xi’an cleaning cleaning贵族宝贝), reproduced indicate the source and so on. This is indeed achieved some results, the domain website, many are as effective the chain included, but this is a foreshadowing of doom.

then, completely under my command, 3 daily updated information, all of the original article is false, in the end is the beginning included poor results, in order to increase the number of the chain website, send over the chain chain platform database will be built before the more anxious customers because of reminder, so outside the chain number 10 every day, this is the ideal data, several specific day by day is a mood, a situation is always. This is a peer observation that the hair of the chain, multiple domain stack in a chain of contents, feel relatively fresh, personally tried it, and these sites are included in this chain, then there are so many hair.


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