When a web site analysis of Shanghai Longfeng effect should start from the details of what

search engine algorithm, a website optimization of food in the world era has ended, many times can you do only one of the 9 problems will be quite different to the optimization results, in.

With the continuous upgrading of the

third, Shanghai dragon is not complacent but let yourself open some thoughts.

we know that a good beginning is half of success, the start is critical in the website optimization before whether we need to conduct a detailed analysis of the technology in the optimization of new or old station before an analysis, domain name age, website content growth, website chain distribution, analysis of the basic factors. Find out the weak links of the optimization process, with the implementation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization plan, the different stages of the optimization to achieve the goal with writing in Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, middle and later on according to this scheme to see if we reached before the execution of the request, to see the results of our implementation is received good effect, so the early implementation of Shanghai Longfeng work should have a clear plan or goal is to promote Shanghai The first premise of dragon effect.

second, Shanghai dragon will need more patience.

first, the early implementation of Shanghai Longfeng work should have a clear plan or goal.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a technology and stage, continued very strong work, as a webmaster, we should through the details of what effect analysis of different stages of site optimization? Only every stage of optimization to find new problems and continue to solve old problems in the process, to make targeted optimization work the expansion continues, in this process, I think we need to record every detail optimization. So keep a cool head in the optimization process, proud website ranking drop reflection for the weights of the website promotion. The author through the following details and detailed analysis, the analysis of a website of Shanghai Longfeng effect should start from the details of what we’re about to enter today’s short, theme.

method then a few points, why is the same outside the chain can write some people through these two points will be ranking sit up, some people are still hovering outside the door, but it is in fact, the key is not to recognize the characteristics of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon work I think is like a marathon is a a long process, in this process, in addition to the strategies and methods of consideration, more patience as well as the Shanghai dragon Er we must have the mentality, but many owners did not have a clear understanding of this point, encounter problems complaints, escape, lax, actually we are beaten by yourself, if you can go analysis of calm when the site encountered problems, to analyze their own reasons and not always complain about the love Shanghai, many colleagues and friends, in a In order to find out the true peace of mind in their own problems, to improve the execution efficiency of Shanghai dragon.

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