Aggressive death cautious will only burn entrepreneurs bear

Abstract: combining with traditional industry business, we should pay more attention to making money, rather than burn enclosure. The Internet is to dominate the world, this decision is a virtual product characteristics of Internet and traditional industries, will not be able to dominate the world, this is also the product decision. Aggressive death, cautious, will burn entrepreneurs bear


on the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, and a number of entrepreneurs in Qingdao, as well as a senior investor in the Department of investment, Mr. D, together to talk about entrepreneurship and investment, chat with the heart of rock deep feelings. The chat let me hear the true story of a lot of venture capital, verify that I have written many articles on the Internet business point of view, but also further triggered a deeper thinking.

the best era of entrepreneurship will inevitably have a bubble

undoubtedly since 2012, China entered the best era of entrepreneurship, which is caused by several reasons. The popularity of mobile Internet, so that the total number of Chinese Internet users in 2 years from a double to double the number of 600 million, which provides a user base for the Internet business. Secondly, the Internet and traditional industries, has brought unprecedented opportunities.

at the policy level, the country began to consider the economic transformation, it is inevitable to eliminate some of the high energy consumption, pollution of the environment of the manufacturing sector, to encourage innovation and service industries. To this end, a series of preferential policies in financial policy, entrepreneurship and safeguard policies, for example, to encourage start-up companies listed on the financing of small plates to facilitate VC and PE exit, effectively stimulate the investment enthusiasm of VC and PE.

Even some local governments also

and VC, PE joint investment in innovative enterprises, to guarantee the investment, pay for losses or even failure. So, a great in strength and impetus of the entrepreneurial surge rolling strikes, in Qingdao this two city can often meet young entrepreneurs. In Beijing coffee shop, always can see several glasses of young people together to talk about starting things together.


D told me that entrepreneurs in Beijing have been all over the place. But entrepreneurial atmosphere is very impetuous, which is undoubtedly a huge bubble. He said that there are three to come back after 90, there is no detailed business plan, the product has not been developed, but the opening will be 10 million, so that investment companies accounted for only about $5%. When he questioned the valuation of this time, these young entrepreneurs, said: you do not understand the Internet, which has been very cheap, and so we have a certain platform roadshow, you can not grab grab!

not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship


D said that now the tide is a good thing, but too much to encourage college students to start a business is not a good thing. Because the students did not experience, and now the business has to Bill · Gates; the era of entrepreneurship, when business is technical, are not closely combined with traditional industries, so we can not have some experience.

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