Two Shanghai Phoenix webmaster will use the tool

website that is now the main statistical tools, statistics tool is cnzz and love Shanghai statistics, I have used cnzz before, but I still feel love for Shanghai statistical tools webmaster data analysis to better use, here for statistical tools > only fall in love with the sea


our website more or less there will be some JS plug-ins, we all know that too much JS plug-in or high JS not only affects the site open speed and the search engine is quite friendly, so we CSS file is the same, we do not deal with the CSS file of the optimization, the site is a hazard we can, through the Google pagespeed

Google pagespeed

) website optimization

we do in the process of Shanghai dragon will be exposed to all kinds of tools, both good and bad, of course I here said the Shanghai dragon tool is not let you quickly on the ranking or the rapid increase of the chain and the cheating tool, but two is very good on the website of the tool, a you can increase your basic experience, while another can help you adjust the web site ranking is more stable, we are in the process of optimization, more to pay attention to some big, outside the chain, content source and so on, sometimes neglected many web based experience the details of things, in fact, these things for ranking is also have a very important role, I give the webmaster to introduce these two tools, you can put your own website details do better.

optimization website itself picture

two, love Shanghai statistical tool

pagespeed provides lossless compression of images, we directly click on the link you can download pictures, download after we directly uploaded to the space or server coverage.

2. JS and CSS

JS file compressionOf course,

JS compression and CSS combination of these may need professional personnel to complete the program.

)1. The diagnosis of

, a Google pagespeed


, he should give us a compressed JS file and CSS file should be merged. (Figure

pagespeed is a Google internal use of "performance evaluation of plug-in, he can move in the Firefox browser and Google browser. (operation interface as shown in figure

because our webmaster may not be professional web designer or no professional artists, we give website pictures, including round exhibition map, product map and so on, and didn’t do optimization, may directly affect the speed of opening our site, so that the user and the search engine is not friendly. Google pagespeed plugin can help us realize image lossless compression, and compression of images, is our website pictures do the optimization process (Figure)

We have to install the


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