To learn to reflect in the review progress optimization method

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two, learn to reflect is to chase and beyond the competitors need to

failure is the mother of success, only the reflection and review it, because learning to reflect and review to find their own deficiencies, and only constant reflection and review will make their own progress. The same applies to the website optimization, some people think that the core site optimization methods include so few, firmly and earnestly to do on the line. Hold this view but we know that no ground for blame, face a variety of optimization methods emerge in an endless stream, the search engine does not stop change their algorithms, some effective method may no longer work. As the website construction and website optimization, the only thing we can do is to keep the peace of mind, and learn to reflect, to review progress in optimization method.

, learn to reflect is to deal with the search engine algorithm constantly adjust the demand for

the same keywords, absolutely impossible, you are the only one in the optimization, the more popular keywords are concerned more and more, the more difficult it is to be optimized. There is no absolute leading website optimization, so even if you are today the very front rank, should also be cautious, because there are more competitors and chase the object behind. If the temporary ranking is not very ideal, the more need to constantly try to figure out the optimization method of others, let oneself grow more from competitors, rather than their own laurels.

optimization has no concept of absolute stability, especially the new website and website optimization just up. So a serious analysis of the competitive optimization method of competitors, and then compared to sort out your own problems and experience, can quickly let themselves recognize themselves beyond their own. As the saying goes before baizhanbudai, website optimization is like this, especially the first page in front of a few position so a few, I in front of you is not closer to the top, try to figure out the competitors "

continuous adjustment in the search engine algorithms, as the website construction or site optimization, we should carefully try to figure out the search engine changes. The purpose of doing so is not to use the search engine algorithm vulnerabilities, but to fully understand the algorithm emphasis and insight into the future direction of the search optimization. For example, in the WEB2.0 era, when the major search engines in the evaluation of the weights of the website will be integrated into voting and forwarding, replies and other ideas, we in the optimization of time should be taken into account. In fact, there are now many people began to pay attention to this, add a key forwarded to Sina, Tencent and other micro-blog JS procedures in the detail page.

adjust the search engine algorithm, one is to optimize their search technology, to meet the needs of visitors changing; on the other hand, in order to avoid the search engine spam, even if no one has a cheat (in fact is not possible, every day there are countless people in the search engine algorithm vulnerabilities through the black hat tactics to make their sites at the very front row), constantly adjust the algorithm itself is enough to make people over a period of time, thereby reducing the probability of cheating.


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