Liu Jun the page title to write more carefully

page title is written on the page title tags in the text, the title is the core problem of page optimization. If you often have heard of global forum, the title of the party, the title of the party is to write a post title is very attractive, so attractive when you see the title of the can’t help point into the post, the post title is not what the oil content. A quality title is not what the actual content can be done to attract a large number of user clicks, thus the importance of the title. In the pages of Shanghai dragon, the significance is not only reflected in the title to attract users to click on, but also greatly reflect the problems included rate on the page. Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Liu Jun made an experiment in the same weight is not very high on the Sina blog, also published original articles in this blog, but the title is very short, it was a very popular vocabulary of Shanghai dragon, article published after the results have not been included in the Shanghai love. While the other had a slightly revised for the original article, but the title is very unique, the title search couldn’t get any results in love in Shanghai, after the article will soon be included in Shanghai love. The Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun repeated several times, so most of the results.

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun this article want to discuss briefly about the web page optimization between title and keywords ranking contact. Everyone wants to pursue a good and stable keywords ranking, but a lot of friends too much outside the station will focus on the link of the layout, while ignoring the details of the optimization site within the page. So in the station optimization in addition to continued with the new original content also need to pay attention to what the problem? This article is the most important part of page optimization, optimization of the page title to do a brief analysis.

, spider mimics the ordinary user’s browsing habits, see the article look at the title, the title did not outstanding features, will not continue to view the article, included in the rate significantly reduced. So if your site weight is not high enough, the article contains no guarantee even under the condition that the page title remember to not repeat the unique. This uniqueness can be used to test the search engine, will write a title in Shanghai in search of love, get better results. Second, do not have the same title at the same site, maybe you two have the same title of the page content is not the same, but still may be the search engine that your site duplicate page. Small sites can manually write each page of the title, site due to too many pages to the manual, written proposal automatically generated page title page title classification rules, advice or all manual.


of course, if your website weight is very high, the title will not need what characteristics, concise and fluent enough, such as the Shanghai love Wikipedia page title, the title almost all directly by the keywords in a clean manner, no nonsense. Shanghai dragon is the title of the page title in the Shanghai dragon, the high weight >

, the 1 page title: unique and not repeat


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