Five you must learn on the search engine optimization in local points

3: accept negative evaluation. No one is perfect for enterprises. But don’t avoid when you received terrible reviews. On the contrary, direct and timely to respond to this evaluation, correct the problem, ensure that mistakes will not happen again.

4: upload pictures. This may sound very basic, but this will make your product or service is more professional and legal. You don’t have some very professional upload pictures. As long as the picture is decent, on behalf of your business this is enough.

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as of August, according to a survey of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country have 10 million 231 thousand households. About 63% of consumers or small business owners use the Internet to search for information about local businesses. In the 63% of the population in 82% is through the use of search engines to get information. So, for small businesses have a strong online business is very important.

is due to the local enterprises in order to cater to a local consumers, their website should do is to optimize the local search. Although there are many optimization methods, but here I have some suggestions, I hope to do the local search optimization help you.

2: get comments. At present, Google since the acquisition of the company after the Yelp review has stopped in local search results showed that third party website evaluation. But this does not mean that you do not need the consumer evaluation. You still need to do, when you need your customers for your products or services to make the evaluation on Google,

1: you need a real name authentication. This is the first local enterprises must do. Google and YAHOO Bing positioning, the local local may need personal authentication this step. This will include your telephone number or postcards, to ensure your real name authentication.

This paper consists of three !

5: clear contact information and links. This can make it easier for consumers to get in touch with local enterprises. If you have no business information, then you will easily be defeated, because the consumer doesn’t know how to relate to your business.


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