Analysis of two aspects of why the chain weight high correlation value

we send the chain, the search engine is through the user’s behavior to judge the quality of the article, such as our site is about the wedding photography industry, in the automotive industry forum, so this article for a group of users who want to know the car is worthless, "

analysis of

two, from the perspective of user experience analysis

rankings of the first page of the site is the home to do "Shanghai dragon is the key what meaning, but through the analysis of these websites are not the most concise way for the user to solve the problem, and this article research center of Shanghai dragon by way of video, very good interpretation of the term of the Shanghai dragon the significance, so as to solve the needs of users.

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chain this piece of it which I believe many of my friends are interested, because it is an indispensable part of website optimization. The hair of the chain to the relevant website to publish, so the weight value will be higher, for example, our website is about Shanghai dragon, then we will go to the web site posting, this weight value will be higher, I believe that many owners are aware of this argument, but I do not know why to release related sites the chain weight value is high, today I use two aspects to analyze the value chain weight why high correlation:

with improved search engine technology, many places are doing a cow x, but it really is what we can identify the content, the quality of the article? Perhaps it can determine whether an article is original, the network is repeated, but it cannot recognize the quality, only through the user’s behavior to judge, so when we not related forum posts, then the correlation of the chain must be done poorly, for example we do tea website, Shanghai dragon type website issued outside the chain, so as to completely deviate from the theme; actually search engine judgment an article about what, can be identified from the keyword density, when not related to a post with the subject, then the search engine will reduce the weight of the link value.

, a search engine from the point of view

search engine is now more and more attention to the user experience of this piece. It is based on the user’s behavior to judge the value of an article, to provide good service to users, address the needs of users for the natural ranking is relatively high, no matter what we now search keywords, ranking the first few pages, generally do not see some of the poor quality of the article, although some articles published in the weight of the high site, beginning may have very good rankings, but the search engine once judged the quality is poor (by page clicks, views and residence time), then the ranking will certainly disappear, even many sites are in love with the sea tick away, "what is here in Shanghai dragon the meaning of the key words as an example, we can see the site ranked first research center:


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