The site open speed is slow causing the site included drop

last week, the amount included in the site continued to decline, has been looking for reasons, they did not find (not very bitter). Because the included decline is not large, so is not how much. Which included the amount of decline at the same time, a keyword has been ranked first, also dropped to third in fourth place. It had not been the key to bring the daily traffic directly reduced by 80%…… So they can only continue to study hard to force the reason.

3: the site after the opening time is slow, the spider will have conflicting consciousness on this website, it will slowly come less or even no longer to crawl. When a website is not when a spider crawling, the quantity is also included behoove things.

In this paper,

chain continued to grow, the chain recently without any change, the original content updated every day, how to do not want to understand. Hey, maybe some master said: Here you can see it is not the site open speed slow…… Positive solution, on a week’s time, finally knew the reason for the decline is included, because the site open speed problem……

is a website to be included, included many, must get the favour of spiders do, one hand to let the spider crawling frequently, one needs spiders to crawl more pages. When we have a lot of good original content, the chain has good support, we are playing the spider crawling and crawling frequently after the foundation, must look at the opening speed of our website will not affect the spider behavior.

had previously been that the site open speed will only affect the user experience, will make the viewer uncomfortable, should not affect the spider crawling and included, but now I see light suddenly, the original site open speed will directly affect the spider included, the following are some of my

2: spiders to crawl the page number = retention time / residence time regardless of individual pages open slow spider will advance to retreat, the total residence time if the spider on the site is fixed, if the page open time is slow, the residence time is divided by the total residence time of a single page that spiders crawl page number will change grab the less, less quantitative, the corresponding value must be included and have less.

1: the spider itself is to simulate the user behavior of crawling read, website open speed is slow, the actual effect of the user experience at the same time, will also affect the user experience of the spider simulation. When a site open speed is slow when the spiders of this site were lower, which affects the read, included a series of acts.


to find and solve problems, make our Shanghai dragon er not to mind taking the trouble work, then I will for the site of the open speed to optimize, as soon as possible to improve the speed, improve the site included. Shanghai dragon is a long way to go, we will stick to the end of Shanghai dragon er.

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