Website optimization is to improve the user experience

in our website, is in need of management and optimization. In order to better management is the development of the website, optimization is to improve the user experience. While there are many ways to improve the user experience, we can from some aspects of research methods for information optimization. With the force of the web site experience the rich person in charge told us, improve the user experience, in fact, can first start from their own, is through the optimization of search ways to help users find the information you need.

is now almost all of the site will have this one function — search. It basically is an indispensable part of. When we are rich in content, to allow users to find the target content directly, but some users would not be able to find directly from the home page, or the page navigation inside station search at this time, to play its role. Use site search is actually the first through the analysis of user search keywords or phrases. Then we can understand the needs of users through the analysis of key words, but we need to get more valuable information, we need to analyze the search after the user operation and behavior based on. Because of this we can be more intuitive understanding to the needs of users.

in the search process, in fact, the user in the search and search keywords in use will have a relatively large difference, for example, may search for "power network" outside the station users, but to enter into the website, often will search "site cost", or "station case" etc.. This is to reflect the user needs more details, we can search through the analysis of some stations directly to understand the deep needs of the user, for the development of our website or rich content has a great help. But search can more intuitively reflect some keywords in the station ranking or hot degree. Can let you more clearly the users are most concerned about the information on the site is what experienced Shanghai dragon Er will know, these rankings compare before the keywords and some content is the site of the core value, this part can best reflect the user’s expectations. At the same time through these potential needs to seek users. Web content is often the first time, and the needs of our customers really diverse, and if the user can’t find the search results in the station, or the users have more patience from the beginning to find the end, can not find the required information, these results did not become the potential demand of key words will. When these words can be some of the key points you fill the content on the website. In the process of analysis, in addition to some search keywords ranking order, can also observe the user search operation. We are in our analysis when the station dousuo needs to look at their correlation. According to analysis of measurement, analysis of user search visits, search results page, only the total number of visits, and search out and improve search rate and other information, to further understand the needs of users.

for each user search after the average residence time, can make.



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