What are the enterprises in Shanghai dragon Er every day to do

1. a piece of news may not have a large number of repeated copy information, news headlines can not be repeated. The news title must have product keywords. The news content to spread around the news headlines.

After Don’t model

of each news written, don’t forget to attach the related product pictures.

Keywords What are the

4. can give news content in add hyperlinks. Note: this link can not be added, every one hundred words plus a hyperlink. Of course, since the love of Shanghai’s "green" algorithm and the algorithm of pomegranate "since the introduction, frequently add to the hyperlink will also affect the site weight and ranking. So once again reminded not to be too frequent and super links.

9. news is always a template, one to two weeks to write a switch.

. One morning, all the software enterprises to open, and then to the main website updated every time related news articles. Write the news, pay special attention to the following factors:

second day of work in the fall in love with the sea to check their own news there was no income. The direct input of Shanghai love search bar: site: news headlines. If you write the news is not news that income, quality problems and news headlines is not new. Then you have to replace the news a pattern and writing articles.

8. do not stack keywords, news content inside not too many keywords, such as: every two word is a keyword, every sentence is a keyword. This approach is not desirable.


After 6.

7. to write the news, do not write the news content there are many advantages of the company’s description. To products. With the company related information can be. Note: remember that the new site requirements.

finished composing 2. news, we must pay attention to the layout problem of news. Such as: the font size is the same, whether the contents of the copy containing illegal content and information is not true.

5. words more than 500 words for each news


3. write news with the company website and each page in the web site (the main function of the web site is to bring back chain so as to affect website ranking)

enterprises in Shanghai dragon Er every day to do? Nanning asked the network Summary of personal experience, to share with you what I had to do each day:

12. written after the news.


10. news photos uploaded to note that each website has a picture size specifications, the size of uniform requirements: 400*300. and upload time if there are pictures, pictures of product can be written in the form of title. This first love for Shanghai search engine revenue picture you, so that you can find your love in Shanghai in the picture released in love when upload pictures of the Shanghai search.


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