Learn to do Wangzhuan part time

online to do part-time jobs to make money, also belongs to the category of wangzhuan.

A lot of

Wangzhuan way.


1, personal website to make money

2, rely on technology to make money

3, the sale of services to make money

4, do promotional tasks to make money


Many areas of

almost involved, it can be said, as long as you can, you can make money on the internet.

but a lot of people say that can not find a place to make money, or to do a number of part-time failure, did not make money. So he gave up. Ha-ha。 In fact, this step is more sad. Take some time. Zero return. But if you sum up the experience. Then your efforts will not be wasted.

summary of what experience?

1, where to make money?

wants to know where to make money. This is in line with my title. Want to gold on the internet. You have to learn more about success and failure. Learning the development model in various fields. Ability to learn in every field. Master some skills and experience, your ideas and more rich, you will gradually increase in the accumulation of the road. The money will slowly accumulate. Whether it is life and the Internet, this is our way of life and life. No matter how old you are. Can not be separated from the continuous learning. Veteran are constantly learning, novices can not keep up with the pace of learning?. Learn more and more efficiently than they do. Do better and better.

2, how to make money?

is our focus today. Study。 Some people will think I’m cheating you again. In fact, I know, if I write an article in order to flicker everyone. Maybe I am not far away from the asylum. Because the first one you already know where to make money. Which of the following is not to learn how to make money? And he said, the first day you say what? Not clear, all is the empty talk. In fact, I have no references and specific methods to do what. Because there’s so much to do. I just said what I thought. With this train of thought. Rely on their own efforts and exploration in order to achieve results.

well. Talking about learning. For example, you want to be a personal website. So you have to learn is, website construction, website promotion, website security and other issues. Don’t get a sense of distance from these words. Anything you want to learn. Not to say, I am not the professional, I am utterly ignorant of…… Not before we are utterly ignorant of. You’re the same as everybody else. I’m not talking about these things. To know something. Find a successful website. Analyze its pattern. Analyze the reasons for its success. Can also learn. Imitation and innovation. Is this process, if you do not learn. How to make money. If these qualities, these are what you need to do. Then you will see

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