The new caution to prevent down the right punishment

station optimization is the premise of

website optimization and promotion of the above work done, the next step is to promote the work of long-term website, the exchange is the main content of the web site update, the chain increased, Links, site inspection work lasting.

early station, should pay attention to the interior of the website optimization, the first is the location of the web site keywords, according to industry information on the Internet to determine the site keywords, and the title and description around the site keywords to optimize keywords; Web page to follow the E – shaped trend, this is many webmaster know the website; pictures to add the alt attribute, the alt attribute should not stack keywords overlap, this will make the search engine that is cheating on the site is not friendly; the layout of the site should comply with the search engine habits, try not to flash home page, search engine recognition ability of flash is not very strong; finally is the website code optimization this is the background of the technology, the work should be done.

The above work is the premise of The

on the chain skills

website built at the beginning, many owners are eager to make a good website ranking, good included quantity, a large number of website content, widely released outside the chain, but has no effect. Some in a month after finally have the effect, ranking up to the Shanghai love home, but soon dropped to later even is not ranked. This let many webmaster hair panic, how should do what new promotion? Small was the old station for more than a year, just took over a new reactor for 3 months, combined with his personal experience summed up the new sites do some items that should be paid attention to promotion to share with you.

new sites outside doing chain should pay attention to three points: first, to pay attention to a degree, should not act with undue haste. If a large number of on the chain, it is easy to be a search engine that is cheating, to the site down right disposition. Second: not to ignore the quality of quantity. The chain is quality, not a lot of to release some low quality chain, a high quality the chain is equivalent to 10 or more of the low quality of the chain. Third: the chain to the rich do not single. Many webmaster think a platform to release the chain, or is used to go to a platform to mix, long chain release on a platform, this is wrong, the chain the more the better, the chain as far as possible to each platform to put on the website.

content update principle

website update must follow the timing, quantitative, high quality, durable principle, every time quantitative update to the website, not two days fishing nets three days of drying. The content of the web site to original or high quality for the original, not just from the network to collect some articles directly copy and paste to the site, your site if things go on like this, become a waste site, it is difficult to search engine to visit your site.

is the chain operation mistakes is very heavy, Xiao Bian is undergoing such a lesson, because the site in the long-term.


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