The introduction of wireless terminal site optimization focus and application tools

I put the following into the subject optimization of WAP station is mainly classified into two categories, one is rules, one is content, first of all, we have to say is to optimize the content of some of a commonplace talk of an old scholar and the matters needing attention, this is the mobile phone station must face the issue of rules, listed here for advanced. In accordance with the site rules are as follows:

mobile phone station

of the website, I do not say we all know to open web crawl, but here to mention that, on the death of the last day of Shanghai submitted Webmaster Platform released, many people think that death did submit useless, robots shielding, love Shanghai official also made an explanation. If you submit the chain, shielding don’t use robots, it can refer to a specific Webmaster Platform here, not much to say.

recently due to the company’s strategy from the PC terminal to the wireless terminal gradually close, I think this is the only way which must be passed of Internet companies, most slightly formal, of course, the wireless terminal is still leading wireless APP applications, and as the Shanghai dragon, wireless APP nature is not what we can and, and the optimization of wireless mobile phone station is our next destination must face, I call it as a "deep blue ocean, is to use the word love depth, because from the current Shanghai official statement, the mobile phone terminal WAP station optimization, does not have an actual rules, for many attempts in the webmaster before, the rules here seems to still have no clue. Here, according to the study in recent months, talk about their suggestions for some small WAP station optimization.

is the domain of the problem, the best two directories and two domains, in order to have a clear understanding of the relationship between levels, many companies will add a variety of parameters in the domain, in order to monitor the behavior of users, such as mobile phone models, the system use ratio and so on, here, do not suggest that you add this the parameters of monitoring, we can according to the user’s cooki directly read the contents of the user, to judge its key words and behavior, this is the key problem.

for the use of TDK, the site’s home page or channel page, remember to use meta tags to label and description, facilitates the identification of spiders.

before the first to introduce an optimization tool, user agent switch, a Google browser plug-in, so that we can conduct a comprehensive monitoring of our WAP station on the computer side, compatible with a variety of operating environment, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, is a wireless optimization tool.

the length of the domain name to try to end this with the PC end is the same as


The problem of robots on the

on bread crumbs issues also is.


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