The station outside the station with both hands making Shanghai Longfeng double insurance


on the other hand, if you think that your site has a lot of valuable content, but no other web site to your site you vote, the content in the search engine where will be regarded as valuable? I want to search engine at least not judge your content is "high value", if is the "high value" of the content, so the user will have to help you spread.

it is because your website to help users, so people will have links to your website, here seems to be back to the above.

so what can be done to build a relatively perfect website from the perspective of Shanghai dragon

short domain users can easily remember, to facilitate the next visit, many Shanghai dragon love to do with Pinyin domain name, this is absolutely not desirable. Think about if there is no search engine, you will choose the long Pinyin as your name


and this phenomenon has led to the current Shanghai dragon industry spread a plausible conclusion: love Shanghai optimization do content on the line, Google optimization to the chain on the line, really? Is it really? When you hear the rumors did you use my head to provide the search engine service is the core of what

second: perfect the content, not eager to publish the external links

website to vote? ?"

is not good, just want a little bit you will understand the services provided by the search engine is the core of the" content ", not" content "we will need a search engine? Certainly is not needed, not" content "search engine would not exist. So the "content" of any search engine is very important, including but not limited to Google, love Shanghai.

in the search engine looks like external links is a kind of voting behavior, without considering the case of Shanghai dragon, think of the reason why people will give you the

website do not hurry to do external links, when a lot of people just on the line at the site of the rankings when he began to shout what? Why publish articles not included? Ask yourself, you have what special place can let you get hundreds of millions of net stations that > what talent shows itself?

website is ranked by the station outside the station two aspects of the decision, a lot of people in the process of Shanghai dragon tend to specialize in a station, or do very well, but the lack of external links, or external links is very strong, and the site content, link is very scarce, such as all depauperate sites like the bamboo like appear in front of us.

: the first choice of short and easy to remember domain names such as:, just for example, please don’t find what you want.


said, speaking of external links. Please take 3 seconds to think about why there are external links to external links? Why are



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